The Difference between Google Chrome and Chromium

By | June 19, 2010

The Difference between Google Chrome and ChromiumSoftpedia has published a great article on Google Chrome and Chromium differences. Worth a read if you are confused.

– the open-source project on which Google Chrome is based;
– bleeding-edge features;
– several binary builds for Windows, Linux and Mac made available each day, sometimes 20 or more;
– not considered stable, don’t blame the developers if it crashes your computer or eats your cat;

Google Chrome dev:
– based on very recent Chromium builds;
– new versions every week or so;
– relatively stable, more like what other companies would consider ‘beta,’ but not stable enough for production use;
– the latest and greatest features and updates; ;

Google Chrome vs Chromium

Another common question concerns the actual differences between Chromium and Google Chrome. In practical terms, they are minor. The short version, Google Chrome is Chromium with a different logo and a slightly different spelling. This is what Google Chrome adds to Chromium builds:
– the Chrome logo and other branding changes;
– an auto-updater which downloads and installs the latest Chrome version from the respective channel;
– an option, enabled by default, to send anonymous usage statistics to Google;
– code to send stats like installs and country info back to Google, no option to disable it;

Furthermore, articles defines Google Chrome dev, beta and stable branches as well as version numbering.


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  1. Rammy says:

    They forgot to say that Chrome also has a H264 decoder (which Chromium doesn’t), it also has Flash bundled (which Chromium doesn’t), and has any other proprietary technology that Chrome is allowed (if Google pays for or has said technology) to have and Chromium isn’t, because Chromium is open source and Chrome isn’t.

  2. Shane Bundy says:

    I actually commented on a video about this (BTW, I’m godzolola476):

  3. jrk says:

    Chromium doesn’t have also that annoying translator and MP3 support. Probably the list is more extensive.

  4. Web says:

    Chromium doesn’t crash at the first sniff of Flash unlike version 10 of Chrome