The Acid3 Race, Who Will Win It?

By | March 17, 2008

While Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2 don’t pass Acid2 test and only their future versions will do that (Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3), the Acid3 test is already released. This one gives even more headaches to web browsers developers as well as some “pressure”, it’s like a mini competition. So who will pass it first?

Who will win the Acid3 race?

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Acid3 tests the following specifications:

DOM2 Core
DOM2 Events
DOM2 Range
DOM2 Style (getComputedStyle, …)
DOM2 Traversal (NodeIterator, TreeWalker)
DOM2 Views (defaultView)
HTML4 (object, iframe, …)
HTTP (Content-Type, 404, …)
Media Queries
Selectors (:lang, :nth-child(), combinators, dynamic changes, …)
CSS2 (@font-face)
CSS2.1 (’inline-block’, ‘pre-wrap’, parsing…)
CSS3 Color (rgba(), hsla(), …)
CSS3 UI (’cursor’)
data: URIs
SVG (SVG Animation, SVG Fonts, …)

My vote goes for Safari. They’re already working hard to pass this one as soon as possible. Also, Safari 2.0.2 was the first web browser, which passed the Acid2 test. What’s your vote?

Take the Acid3 test.

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  1. konfusion says:

    Usually I’d go for Opera because of the innovation that they’ve consistently shown, but with FF3 I’ve seen a huge improvement of the Firefox browser – so I voted for them.

  2. Trn says:

    Seeing how Safari us currently ‘leading’ by far I voted for them.

  3. Grrblt says:

    Safari is leading and they were the first to pass Acid2, so I’d have to guess they get the acid3 trophy as well.

  4. Michael Johnson says:

    I think Opera will release 9.5 having passed Acid 3. While WebKit is doing great, I don’t think Safari will make a special release just to hit Acid 3. I don’t think Fx3 will pass Acid 3 in the first release. While (from what I understand) it’s a huge improvement, I just don’t think they’ll pull off Acid 3. And I’ll go out on a limb and say that IE 9 *might* pass Acid 3 when it’s released in 2010, although I’m heartened to hear that IE8 will *really* pass Acid 2 instead of requiring changes to the test.

  5. Jim says:

    I’m also going for Opera to win.

  6. flash tekkie says:

    I guess the poll results have not made it. And what did those think of suggesting Internet Explorer!? IE hassled with Acid2 support just lately!

    FYI, WebKit passed Acid3 fully for the first time on Friday. So it’s 100 subtests of 100 passed now.

    Opera 9.60 Beta scored 85.

  7. boss says:

    Opera developer vertion wingogi first got the 100% acid 3test then same day afternoon safari developer got 100%
    Opera the best.But my secondary browser in case Safari until i find another browser . HATE firefox