South Korean Authorities: We Are Behind The Times With IE Laws

By | November 11, 2013 | 7 Comments

South Korean Authorities: We Are Behind The Times With IE LawsNot just IE laws.

If you haven’t heard already, there is a law in South Korea, which requires all people to use Internet Explorer when shopping.

The good news? First of all, if you live in South Korea and can access the Internet… Congratulations to you. Now, it appears that at least some of the authorities are aware of the situation and it might change in the coming future.

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  • jaywinjv

    South Korea is still behind the times with IE hate. IE11 is a standards compliant browser.

    • yes

      IE is so good we must force everyone to use it by law

  • Tiago Sá

    South Korea is a third world country. This is not surprising.

    • Maxim

      LMAO. I just love racist mexicans.

    • Lophs

      Tiago huh? If you come from Portugal, that is hilarious and you will become slaves to Merkal’s bankers soon anyways. If you come from Brazil, you my condolences.

      • Allwynd

        wherever he is from, he is still a troll wanabee

  • Gahe

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