Sleipnir 4.1 Now Available For Download

By | March 15, 2013

Sleipnir 4.1 Now Available For DownloadSleipnir, an interestingly different web browser for the Mac OS X, has been recently bumped to the version 4.1, which brings an interesting take on your frequently visited sites.

What is it all about? Sleipnir team implemented a new search function called “Portal Field”, which allows users to find pages they want to open by typing just 4 characters. While it sounds like a minor tweak, PF will also prioritize your bookmarks and highlight them in a displayed list (along with suggestions). Furthermore, when suggestions are already open, Sleipnir will take your to that tab to avoid increasing unnecessary tabs.

Sounds interesting? Give it a try.

Sleipnir 4.1

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  1. Rafael says:

    Just like Firefox?

  2. NimeshT says:

    Isn’t this similar to Opera’s bookmark nicknames?

  3. Conroy says:

    as im seeing these news im currently uninstalling mine

  4. barkee99 says:

    Had tried last version of this browser on windows 7 …. nothing in it seemed to make it seem any better than browsers I already had …. lasted 2 days & it’s uninstalled now

  5. Kyle says:

    It has some good ideas, but overall I’m lacking two major (for me) things in this browser:
    1. MORE mouse/trackpad gestures
    2. Addons (!)

    Also, I hate it when there are restrictions in deleting search engines I don’t need…

  6. jboost says:

    Some reason I like it. I download a lot of browswers especially on my iPad, and Droid phone. At first I DL on it on droid and forgot about it, then thought it would suck. I don’t know maybe it’s just the horrible name. Reminds me how so it’s true not to judge a book by a cover, because it soon became my favorite browser. DL on my ipad last week (didn’t like it so much) and then on my mac. The mac version is sweet. The UX is polished and it has some functions that don’t come default in other browsers. I didn’t think I would like the mac version after trying the iPad, but now I think it *MAY become my deault browser. Although I have a problem sticking to one browser.. mostly I go back and forth between chrome and firefox, and recently started using opera again before this browser. Will I stay loyal, I dunno- it is different having tabs as images soley, the coverflow feature is cool, but not being able to see the site name makes it hard to stay on top of everything. And yes it needs extensions- the extensions built it are cool- and I don’t really need anymore or wouldn’t want anymore but I know for some without them would be a deal killer. I haven’t fooled around with the gestures but it a great idea and their need to be more. The user should be able to make their own like dolphin too.

    I know this is long, and I never write reviews so that has to speak of something.

    *Not an employee I can’t even spell or say the name. I think the developers are japanese. I’m sorry guys you picked a horrible name. It’s going to be hard to brand.

  7. jboost says:

    Also your company name Fenrir-Inc and the name your sync Fenicir or whatever SUCKS! Nobody going to remember that – and when people come across it – there going to think what the heck is this. I don’t know if its too late but imo opinion you should do a pivot and get someone to help you with your branding otherwise the technology is great. I don’t know if you guys are reading this or not- and I am not trying to be critical.. I think its a gem, but I also think some people might gloss over it and have reservations about giving it a try… (like I did at first)