Skyfire for iPhone is Coming, Possible Flash and Silverlight Support?

By | April 21, 2010

Skyfire for Iphone is ComingJeff Glueck, the CEO of Skyfire congratulated Opera team and dropped a hint about the upcoming Skyfire for iPhone release:

“Everyone at Skyfire was heartened by this decision by Apple, to open up their platform and believe this sets a solid precedent for additional innovation in mobile browsing from other companies.

Skyfire believes this approval is a solid first step and there’s still major consumer demand for great rich media and video browsing on these devices. Our philosophy is that enhanced speed AND all the rich media of the web can be together in one browser.

The Skyfire team has been watching the Opera submission and the iPhone/iPad market closely, and this will certainly accelerate our strategy on iDevices. Nothing to announce now, but stay tuned for news. If you want to stay updated, please follow Skyfire on Facebook or Twitter and be the first to hear.”

Not only Skyfire supports Flash, but its users can enjoy Microsoft Silverlight content as well, which is exactly what we are expecting from the iPhone version as well.

Skyfire home page.


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  1. Rafael says:

    No comments on this… (if you don’t consider what you are reading now as a comment.) :P

    • Tonino says:

      There’s no way Apple can accept a browser that supports Flash.
      After all the mess with denying Flash access to the iPhone it would be plain stupid to allow a browser to do it.
      If Skyfire wants in they’ll have to remove Flash support and maybe even Silverlight.
      To play with Apple you have to bow to their demands.