Skyfire 0.6 Beta Released

By | May 1, 2008 | 3 Comments

Skyfire 0.6 BetaMobile web browser Skyfire 0.6 Beta was just released. Although Skyfire is not accessible to everyone (check this post for more details), it still looks promising. New release introduces the following changes and new features:

Multi-line text entry (2,000 character limit)
Auto-complete text entry
Paste into URL or search
Ability to delete bookmarks
Multiple zoom modes for touch screen phones
Double tap Zoom In and Zoom Out
Support for custom virtual keyboards (SIP)
Web search shortcut in softkey menu
Access to the Windows Mobile Taskbar in softkey menu
Persistent settings for SmartFit, Mute and Zoom size
Support for 12-key and 1/2 QWERTY devices
Password masking
Backlight usage based on system settings
OK button sends Skyfire to the background

You can login to your Skyfire account to read the Release Note for 0.6 or access the Quick Start Guide and Online Help.

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  1. Who? says:

    You forgot the changes they’ve made for the worse. No Rhapsody or Yahoo Music streaming anymore. But they still advertise those features on their website. Pathetic.

  2. calmgod says:

    can you send my this beta to try ?

  3. Alas! I still haven’t tried to use mobile to connect to internet yet! I will try it soon.

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