Silverlight 5 Beta (64 bit) in H1 2011

By | December 7, 2010

Silverlight 5 Beta (64 bit) in H1 2011Brings more goodies to the table.

Earlier this month, Microsoft has revealed the very first information about the upcoming Silverlight 5 release.

According to “The Future of Microsoft Silverlight” web site, Silverlight 5 will introduce more than 40 new features, including developer productivity improvements as well as huge boost in the video quality and performance.

Key new features:

Support for 64-bit operating systems
Hardware Decode and presentation of H.264
Improved power awareness
Remote-control support
Fast forward and rewind
Digital rights management enhancements
Text improvements
… and more

The fun has just began.

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  1. RamaSubbu SK says:

    Good, Finally here comes the 64-bit.
    Only Quick Time is pending for me to go full 64bit then.

  2. Prior Semblance says:

    Does that mean 64bit OS or 64bit browser? Cause it works fine for me as long as I use a 32bit browser. I’ve just gone without it and used 64bit though, now that flash and java both work on it.

    • RamaSubbu SK says:

      If we have pure 64 bit OS without any 32bit binaries, Windows Folder size will go down by ~7 GB (SysWow64 & WinSxS folders).