Say Goodbye To Flash, YouTube Switches To HTML5

By | January 29, 2015

Say Goodbye To Flash, YouTube Switches To HTML5Another nail to the coffin.

For many, Facebook and YouTube are two of the biggest reasons why Flash is still a necessity (unless you use Chrome, which has it installed already).

Now, it looks like the social network will be the only one left as Google has finally made a much needed decision: ditch Flash. Yes, it means that from now on, YouTube will default to HTML5 player instead.

So what are the benefits of HTML5 VIDEO tag? Improved quality and reduced buffering, better battery life and even improved security. And yes, it does support proper full screen viewing, which was an issue in early days.

Hopefully, Facebook will be next.

[Via: Google]

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  1. Flavoi says:

    Welcome to the future :-)

  2. James LaBarre says:

    If IBM had any level of competence in the early 2000’s, we could have been using the java-based HotMedia rather than Flash for video & other multimedia items. Of course, security-wise we might not have been any better off, with java vulnerabilities numbering at least as high as the Flash ones, but we *were* serious in pushing cross-platform compatibility.