Safari Beta 3.0.1 for Windows Released

By | June 17, 2007 just released new Safari version: 3.0.1 which you can download now.

This version fixes Windows specify issues and most important: security issues.

I’ve downloaded Safari Beta 3.0.0 for Windows right after it was released. However, I wasn’t been able to test it, as all what I saw was menus with no text and other buggy stuff.

I really don’t know why, but this version doesn’t work for me either. I can’t enter address in the address bar or use quick search. All I know, that I am not the only one, who is experiencing such a problems.

Safari Beta Problems

I am not sure why this happens, but hope it will be fixed soon.

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  1. Kelson says:

    The text rendering issues are reportedly related to language localization. For some reason, Apple shipped the beta with just the U.S. English language files. According to that post, setting your language to English(United States) in control panel is supposed to resolve it.

    Presumably the final release (and, with luck, the next beta) will either have full localization files or fall back to one of the files that’s installed, instead of crashing and making text disappear.

  2. Oh, that’s why…

    Well I’ll be waiting for next beta release then with little bit more excitement.

    Thanks for letting me know that Kelson.