Safari 4 vs. Chrome 2 vs. Opera 10 vs. Firefox 3.5 vs. Opera 9.64 vs. Firefox 3 vs. IE8, 7

By | June 19, 2009

Safari 4 vs. Chrome 2 vs. Opera 10 vs. Firefox 3.5 vs. Opera 9.64 vs. Firefox 3 vs. IE8, 7It’s that time of the month again: web browser performance and benchmark results. This time it’s going to be a little bit different. The graph you are about to see is from Peacekeeper benchmark site and as James Gallagher explained to us: this chart is made from averaging results from thousands of PC with the three CPUs listed.

Listed browsers:
Safari 4 Beta
Safari 4 Final
Chrome Beta
Opera 10 Beta
Firefox 3.5 Beta 4
Opera 9.64
Firefox 3.0.10
Internet Explorer 8
Internet Explorer 7

Safari 4 vs. Chrome 2 vs. Opera 10 vs. Firefox 3.5 vs. Opera 9.64 vs. Firefox 3 vs. IE8, 7
More is better

Furthermore, you may also test your web browser in the same benchmark, click here to do that.

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  1. bill says:

    nice processors but most people don’t have them, how about using something a little more relevant to the masses?

  2. Meh says:

    Still no Linux support for sharing results.

  3. Andrew says:

    This new version of Safari is crap on a MacBook Air! It runs slowly and crashes every time a pop-up opens! Thank the lord for firefox

    Come on Apple this is a joke

  4. kr_metal says:

    Actually, my ie8 runs just as fast, if not a tiny bit faster than safari 4 (yes i have both on my com…i can prove it.)

  5. Kawi says:

    It’s that time of the month again, where an artificial JavaScript benchmark is made to represent overall browser performance. Just a small problem: It tests just a small part of JS, and JS is just a small part of pages today.

    The only thing Peacekeeper, SunSpider, etc. show is how good a browser is at that particular benchmark. There is little or no real-world connection here.

    • Daniel Buchner says:

      “Javascript is a small part of pages today” –

      @ Kawi – dude have you been in a coma between 2005 and now? JS makes up the VAST majority of the payload for interactive sites and web pages today. Look at the script on Facebook for instance, or CNN – redonkulously ignorant statement regarding today’s web. Even on this relatively low tech reporting page the JS load is over 1/3rd of the page’s bulk, and this site has almost 0 interactive elements. Use FF and grab NoScript then browse the web for a week, if you can make the statement that your web experience was not dramatically different then kudos, of course that mean you must have been surfing GeoCities for the entire week…but I digress.

  6. Kevin says:

    I think these results are very weird. I am running opera 10, firefox 3.5 Chrome and IE 8 (64bit). IE (and Google Chrome) are the fastest and I speak as a user who has previously preferred firefox and now mcuh prefers opera as a web browser.

    Opera say the 32 bit version can be used with no problems but there may be a speed advantage in 64bit….? Not sur eof the technicalities but I’m very impressed with IE8 (apart that is from that awful pale blue toolbar which looks very cheap).

  7. Kevin says:

    I take back my comment. Opera 10 is on a par with IE8 64 bit and Chrome.

  8. Jonathan says:

    But still chrome feels faster than both safari and firefox for me.

  9. PirateBoy says:

    Guys Safari 4 is the fastest browser….try clearing cookies n all n restart ur Pc n then speedtest ur browsers…..i lke SAFARI4 bt also Firefox is also fast……..

  10. @r13f says:

    Oh man, don’t just feel it and took your own conclusion. Try to run the benchmark, and you’ll see that safari 4 is superior on top of others.

    Trust, me.

  11. dan says:

    Safari does not run that fast at all on Windows.

    Chrome takes out the prize.

  12. tom says:

    yo, i have to agree with this up to safari (as i have never used it). i’m on a linux box and have used chrome, IE (on windows) firefox, and opera, and they are pretty much in the right order there. i do not know how safari is since the lame apple won’t make safari for linux, and i’m not gonna install windows just so i can run safari.

  13. herman says:

    Well i have all of those installed on windows.

    I must say.. IE is slow.. but i don’t know how these tests are made up. But..

    As USER experience… chrome feels smoother and faster. But firefox has nicer functions. Chrome is really basic. As for safari.. i dont like the layout for daily use. And it’s a bit slower and not as smooth as chrome.
    But what the hack.. i just need to browse =)

  14. Hadouken says:

    i am a proud user of Safari 4, and it is AWESOME. faster than chuck norris (alright, maybe. chuck can reach the deepest part of the galaxy in two steps… one on the Earth, the other on Romulus).

    seriously, it is way faster than Chrome, and Opera 10.10 gets close to it, but Safari is still very faster.

    Safari is like the Ferrari of the browsers, and Opera is kinda Porsche or somfin’

  15. grandalf says:

    man, safari is not that fast at all currently on windows it really only suits mac ppl and it also like chrome half of flash embeded objects + java applets just wont show or work at all in it even with flash 10+ installed and java 6+, so who wants that, and besides that, yeah i agree with the other guys on this post, safari still wont even run on linux native without wine and the other browsers are just simpler and just more organized to use what a crappy interface at present with the bookmarks and history in chrome. And these results defiantly not 100%, ff on win wista and win7 just as quick IMO, and I think ppl would be more interested in compatibility and something that works in the end.

  16. Uncle Nutsy says:

    I’ve tried Chrome, IE8, Firefox and safari.

    IE8 runs like crap. freezes a lot for no reason and refuses to terminate properly sometimes. Firefox 3.5 either starts up the first time, or I have to ctrl alt del it four to five times for it to start. Chrome is stupid fast as you’d expect but has severe limitations out of the box. Safari on the PC seems to be the clear winner in terms of speed, functionality and footprint. I’m not one to recommend apple software but this browser seems to be the overall winner

    yes, the safari interface is slick but that’s to me is just a bonus.

  17. LuckyNo7 says:

    August 30, 2010 at 7:21 pm
    I’d like to thank everyone for your comments here, it’s very helpful to someone like me who has only really been using IE for many years.  I did try FireFox breifly (a couple of years ago & Netscape (even further back, too many bugs but good/fast, when it worked)) but couldn’t get on with it and I didn’t like the download feature, it kept defaulting to another location than the required folder, I was downloading to (a User shouldn’t have to keep redirecting a downloaded zip/exe file to the required directory).  Like many here I have had nothing but problems with IE, that’s why I reverted back to and am using IE6 on this Dell XP Home Prem. dual core pc.  The Vista Home Prem with IE ver. 7&8 has bugs and was always slowing down, however on Vista Ultimate it was fast and very few problems but, was slow/buggy on XP versions!  Have tried Safari on  mobilephones/mac (pc/notebooks) and found it very slow, even after formats and reinstall of OSX ver.9-10.  So, I’m thinking of moving to Opera but may opt for Ffox 4 as it is supported via the Spoon plugin (and no mention of Opera) and from my extensive research, his will be the safest way to surf the net without being infected and after having seen/repaired many PC’s/laptops OS’s go down and having to reformat, reinstall not to mention the wasted time/years, this may be the best way forward!  So in conclusion, the version of operating system and build of your pc will also determine how fast/best your web browser is however, switching off your many installed antiSpyware and other things (msconfig) will speed up your surfing (just firewall it with free Comodo/Zone Alarm) and Msoft’s Windows Firewall adds second layer.  The more things you having running in the background, the more threads will be running and slowing down you pc/laptop system! 
    Just my two-pennies worth (England. UK)

    PS:  did try Chrome and yes it sucks, big time, all the negative comments here are true and appropriate, so I zapped it, uninstalled it (Revo Uninstaller).  Safe surfing :-)~