Safari 3 Scores 100/100 First (The Acid3 Test)

By | March 27, 2008

Safari 3 Scores 100/100 First (The Acid3 Test)Although most of people said that Opera 9.5 was the first web browser ever to score 100/100, I disagree with that. What about you? Actually, I even don’t understand why they had to report that at all as fans started to submit stories to digg, reddit and other news web sites and could confuse some of the readers. Opera Team “said” that they’ve reached 100/100 first, showed a picture as prove but haven’t provided any builds for anyone to run the Acid3 test themselves, so no one could confirm that…

As for now, let’s get back to the topic. Congratulations so the Safari 3 team. Here you can download their latest nightly build and run Acid3 test yourself.

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  1. deuseggs says:

    Does it matter? Neither of them has passed the test yet, so ‘who was first’ isn’t really newsworthy. There are still some issues to work through:
    1) the test has to change at the last minute as a result of the development and testing work,
    2) Webkit (as far as I know) still contains specific code for unique handling of the font used in the test – so it may pass in letter, but not in spirit,
    3) they all still need to complete regression testing and release a stable build. There’s still plenty of time for other browsers to catch up and pass them in that time.

    The Opera announcement was more along the lines of “Isn’t this cool?” than “we’re first!”, and I think that’s the right place to be.

  2. Andres Ruiz says:

    Man, Opera devs are seriuus people and they don’t lie. If they got 100/100 on acid3 test, they don’t have to make public the build, it was an internal build, and they wont give it to you just to make you happy with state of the art untested software, they first have to make it reliable enough for distribution.

  3. Michael Johnson says:

    I agree with deuseggs. I’d also like to add that a WebKit nightly is *not* the same as Safari supporting it. Safari doesn’t support it until Apple makes a Safari release.

    BTW, The screenshot from Opera is *not* of a releasable product, but of their cross-platform internal-dev harness. They have said they won’t actually release anything real until they do all their regression testing, except for an experimental build just to show it works.

  4. anon says:

    Are you kidding? Do some research, spell check, then proof read before you post stuff like this! Opera actually had a 100/100 before the test was changed at the last minute. Also, the test is not the score of 100/100 alone. Also, Safari ran into some problems when enabling animated svg. Just take a look at SVG capabilities between browsers:

  5. werwolf says:

    I have just downloaded Webkit-r31381 for windows and in acid3 test I got 99/100 and the second square from right is nor blue.

    I believe Operas developers not beeing lieers, but for me will be the company fist, which public build will get 100 / 100.

    Bad luck there was a bug in the test. This should not happen …

  6. werwolf says:

    I don’t get it. Running the same test second / third time, I got 100/100 amd the gray square, turned blue :O

  7. Nico zandberg says:

    I used to respect this site but blatent 1 sided posts like this made me change my mind. Opera obviously got there first and they deserve their credit. Making up ‘rules’, like have to be a released, to let your preferred choice win is rather silly. The q was who will pass it first and that Opera did. Period.

  8. I’m not saying that they’ve lied. Someone even wrote a post in wikipedia that Opera was the first one to score 100/100 (post is changed now). Of course, I can’t balme Opera for posting this, cause someone of fans did that, not theirselves.

    Although I respect Opera and love their work, I think it’s not really fair if we would look from Safari’s side, that Opera got more credit without providing a public build and they didn’t.

    And no, I’m not a fan of Apple, I don’t have an iPhone, iPod, Mac Book or any other Apple devices :-)

  9. Nico zandberg says:

    Why don’t opera deserve the credit? Just because they did not release a build? Your argument makes no sense Opera’s team got there first and it’s time to accept it.

  10. Because none of the Opera’s competitors could confirm that.

  11. Stahn says:

    Even though I’m an Opera fan, let’s see it this way: Opera could have released a modified image (Photoshopped). Of course they won’t do a stupid thing like that, but it’s a possibility, and if it’s a possibility, then it shouldn’t be considered serious.

    Facts, that everyone can check, are the way to go. Why? So that anyone can’t say “No, we released the nightly first, sorry”.

    This is not a matter of trust, it a simple checking test.

  12. werwolf says:

    Opera on WinGogi 100/100 with correct square-colors :P

    Opera was the first now :)

  13. Kelson says:

    It’s worth noting that if you go by this criteria — having to appear in a public build — then the initial work that Dave Hyatt did to make internal builds of Safari pass Acid2 back in 2005 doesn’t count, and a case could be made that Konqueror (public developer snapshots) and iCab (public beta) passed first.

  14. iE2 says:

    Opera was the first with a _private_ build to score 100/100, but Safari was the first _public_ version to score 100/100. Opera and Safari are the best browsers, I use both of them. IE is a tragedy, FF is too complicated for normal use…