Run Flash on iPhone, iPod Safari Browser

By | January 24, 2010

Run Flash on iPhone, iPod Safari BrowserNow here is something handy. A JavaScript runtime called Gordon (written by Tobias Schneider) allows you to run .swf files on your iPhone or iPod.

While you won’t be able to view just about any page using Flash (sites need to add this runtime first), there are still some great things left to do; for instance: playing .swf games.

If you are curious enough, here are some of the flash demos already made.

Project home page.


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  1. pneumatyka says:

    Looks very promising. It doesn’t work on Opera though, but its a matter of time – there is an javascript error, and as we know Opera is very strict about those (as JSLint).

    • nvm says:

      Opera strict? Whatever gave you that idea?

      • pneumatyka says:

        Some experience.
        However Opera states the same:
        = quote =
        Script bugs tolerated in other browsers but not in Opera
        Even if a script works fine in IE and is using mostly standards-compliant code it may contain subtle bugs that will cause problems in browsers that are less tolerant of coding mistakes.
        = quote end =

        • nvm says:

          Opera doesn’t state the same:

          “Not only does Opera render badly coded pages (including non-standard JavaScript), something which is necessary to work on the Web as it exists today, it even has a rendering mode specifically to deal with non-standard code. Yes, Opera Software actively promotes open standards, but at the same time, everyone must realize that a browser which doesn’t handle bad code won’t work on most sites.”


          “A popular misconception is that Opera Software refuses to accept non-standard code. This is completely untrue. In fact, Opera supports a lot of non-standard extensions, such as the HTML extensions EMBED and MARQUEE, and Internet Explorer’s non-standard DOM/JavaScript “document.all” and “innerHTML”.”

          Opera has repeatedly been saying that Opera was made from the bottom up to be as compatible as possible.

  2. Manish says:

    bad browser no flash

  3. Manish says:

    safary + flash = BAD