Rumor: Opera 10 to Include Web Slices

By | March 17, 2009

Tim (the guy who sent us “leaked” Opera 10 release dates (haven’t been confirmed as real yet)) today reported that the upcoming Opera 10 Beta release will include a feature similar to web slices.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, it allows you to track a specific part of page for changes. As a result, you won’t have to keep visiting it over and over again.

For a live demo, feel free to check “How To: Internet Explorer 8 Web Slices” video below.


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  1. abcnet says:

    good for opera

  2. operafans says:

    very good!!

  3. Tiago Sá says:

    Indeed. Now only Safari and Chrome are lacking the feature :D

  4. Tobbi says:

    Cool, hopefully there will be a feature like this :)

  5. FataL says:

    I wander why Opera didn’t released something like this couple years ago when they added widgets?
    Web slice is essentially a chrome-less cropped web page (widget). All you need is a tool (even web based) that allow user to crop any web page to some smaller area.
    More than that I would treat Speed Dial thumbnails as web-slices too. That way user can add only meaningful part of web page to be always visible through Speed Dial (for example, think about part of weather page).

  6. FataL,

    Yes, Opera eBay widget is very similar to IE’s slices, expect for the fact that it’s eBay only.

  7. nobody says:

    great news IF these slices are compatible with what IE8 is using and with microformats FF is using. if it is yet another new version of the same, then dont bother.

    IE is in position to enforce new stuff on others, so is Firefox due to its cool factor. Opera is not. show me ONE major webpage that produced opera widget (eBay widget wasnt done by ebay!)

  8. FataL says:

    > show me ONE major webpage that produced opera widget (Яндекс)
    But this is in Rissia whre Opera is very strong. I agree with you on America and Europe…

  9. nobody says:

    i know russian and ukraine’ web market quite well. yes, yandex is very, very powerfull in russia, that is some kind of fenomen to me. yeah, i knew about this one, but still dont consider it mayor (as in google, yahoo, ms)…

  10. TTT says:

    You mean like WebChunks in combination with Greasemonkey?

  11. FataL says:

    Something like that, yes.

  12. Jote says:

    I don’t want a SIMILAR feature. I want a fully compatible feature! :)

  13. werwolf says:

    What is the difference to Feeds? :|

    • You can monitor any part of the web page, feeds tend to be more for the news, comments, etc.

      Even this comment. If I’ll edit it someday, you would get a notification about that in IE8. Although it’s still possible with feeds, you got the idea, right?

      You can monitor ebay bids, etc, I beleive video above will explain everytyhing much better.

      P.S. Leaked dates turned out to be false so I won’t put my hopes on this one as well.

  14. A way to dock widgets would be better I think, much more you can do with them. Drag the button from the widget panel to any toolbar or a widget bar. Both that and a webslice compatible way would be ideal.