RockMelt Beta 4 Coming Soon, New Reading Experience

By | September 26, 2011

RockMelt Beta 4 is to be released sometime in the next few weeks and will bring with it several new features, one of which being called Social Reading.

RockMelt is one of the first companies to launch Facebook integration to make reading news more social. By building social right into the App Edge and browsing experience, Social Reading lets you connect around reading online like never before.

With Social Reading enabled in RockMelt, users can:

  • Discover what friends are reading
  • See what’s popular and trending online
  • Help friends find new content by sharing what you’re reading

Social Reading will initially be available for some of the most popular sites, including CNN, ESPN, Fail Blog, Gizmodo, and others. Users are in control of how activity is shared and who can view it.

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  1. Xiaomei says:


  2. Mikah says:

    Yes I suppose users of a social browser like Rockmelt would be more interested in absurdly overpriced hand bags than the more sensible members of society. 
    Thats the way to go targeted adds.

  3. Olfigbdmof says:

    i dont fine this browser useful for me, maybe others do, but id like to get my browser clean at first and then decide what i want to add

  4. Mikah says:

    Just been trying it out its based on Chromium so its fast & you can use Chromes extensions. 
     with Facebook  .
    RockMelt would be a good fit for many friends I know.

  5. Boris Babić says:

    I really like the app bar/edge whatever which can contain rss feeds. IMHO that is a great feature! The other edge/bar can be hidden so you can just keep the “cool” one!

    Too bad I’m on linux and the makers are using a half-baked excuse to not port it (native code)