RIP Browser Ballot Screen

By | December 20, 2014

RIP Browser Ballot Screen Proves to be utterly pointless.

Remember the infamous browser ballot screen? The one that was initiated by the Opera Software in 2009 when it complained to the EU? Then the $731 million fine when Microsoft messed up?

Well, the agreement between both sides has now expired and Microsoft will no longer ask users to pick their web browser.

Did it make any difference? Well, we did notice any trend changes, IE was declining, Chrome gaining and so on. What about the initiator? Opera at that time had ~2% market share worldwide while now it sits at ~1.3%.

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  1. Dante says:

    “Opera at that time had ~2% market share worldwide while now it sits at ~1.3%.” Opera in 2009 had 45 millions desktop users and now have more than 51 millions users. But primary for Opera is mobile market. From 50 in 2009 to more than 270 millions users.

    Internet had more than 1,8 billions users in 2009 and now more than 3 billions users. It is mean that Opera have same global popularity before and after ballot screen showing in Europe with activated actualization and set IE as preferred browser.

    “Proves to be utterly pointless.”
    Don`t forget to provide ballot and bring primary rendering via web standards and secondary rendering (compatibility) via MS standard in IE8. From IE8 Microsoft changed all other product to more opened to web standards.
    This is something what Netscape tries in 1998 in USA when Microsoft was judged for tying IE to Windows. The proposed settlement in 2001 required Microsoft to share its application programming interfaces with third-party companies.

  2. BarskeKjekken says:

    Has anyone actually been asked? Think noone i know have been asked.