Remove Opera Widgets Menu

By | January 13, 2009

Delete Opera Widgets MenuIf you want to delete/disable Opera’s widget menu, just follow these simple steps below:

Open “defaults” folder in Opera’s directory. For example:

C:\Program Files\Opera\defaults
C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera

Close Opera and open standard_menu.ini file with your favorite text editor. For example: Notepad

Find and delete the following entry:

Submenu, M_WIDGET_MENU, Browser Widgets Menu

Save, exit and this is it. Start Opera.

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  1. Morghus says:

    ‘oy! Thanks for the tip! I had no idea I could do that!

  2. Tamil says:

    Editing of standard_menu.ini file is not recommended because when you update, Opera will overwrite it.


    You can remove all sections except first line, [Version], [Info] and [Browser Menu Bar] sections. Opera will pick missing sections from standard_menu.ini file.

  3. Right! BTW you don’t have to delete unwanted submenu entry. Just type “;” before it.

    [Browser Menu Bar]
    Submenu, 148470, Browser File Menu
    Submenu, 148480, Browser Edit Menu
    Submenu, 67390, Browser View Menu
    Submenu, 67398, Browser Bookmarks Menu
    ;Submenu, -235137047, Browser Widgets Menu
    Feature Feeds, Submenu, 70491, Browser Feeds Menu
    Feature Mail, Submenu, 67397, Browser Mail Menu
    Feature Chat, Submenu, 69944, Browser Chat Menu
    Submenu, 69681, Browser Tools Menu
    Platform Mac, Submenu, 67396, Browser Window Menu
    Platform Windows-Unix-MCE, Feature MDI, Submenu, 67396, Browser Window Menu
    ;Submenu, 67395, Browser Help Menu