Questions for Opera CEO, Today at 1 PM

By | April 28, 2009

Questions for Opera CEO, Today at 1 PMEarlier this month guys at Opera Software were asking users to submit various questions which would be answered by Opera’s CEO, Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner.

Well, good news, he is going to do that today at 1 PM (UTC/GMT timezone).

The following questions will be asked:

  • Will Opera ever make a page where users can upload and find UserJS files?
  • Will Opera desktop version get a new logo soon?
  • Will Opera ever support extensions like Firefox?
  • Will Opera Mini 5 revolutionary change mobile web experience?
  • What is the process for determining development direction – ie. prioritizing & selecting new features & improvements, etc. to include in Opera browser?
  • Will Opera Link functionality be expanded, and if so, when? E.g. synchronizing the wand (with extra password for security, and possibility to remotely remove the passwords from all linked applications), rss feeds, settings and more?
  • What happens to feedback submitted directly in Opera, through Help –> Report a site problem?
  • Why hasn’t UserJS been afforded a level of investment (of time, etc.) in any way comparable to Widgets?
  • Is there any chance to see an improved Opera Notes with full BBCode/HTML compatibility?
  • Why hasn’t Opera developed an API yet, considering its the best thing about Firefox, its one of the first things Google promised to do with Google Chrome and is already available for Maxthon and Internet Explorer?
  • We have suggested number of wishes in wish-list thread. Can you implement 3-7 popular wishes in each version of Opera?
  • What are you expecting from us (Opera fans)?
  • If you get the chance to change anything in the Opera history, what would you change?
  • Opera 10 is supposed to have at least on secret feature. Do you think Opera has something up its sleeves that will be a really big innovation in the browser market (in the not to distant future)?
  • Recently Opera unveiled Opera Turbo. Its awesome for folks with slow internet connections. But how does Opera expect to get back the cost of servers required to keep this service running? Is this a financially viable project?
  • Why is Opera so slow in fixing annoying issues that so many users have for years been continuously complaining about in the forums?
  • When will we get a new default Opera skin?

Once he does that, we will post them here. Alternatively, you can subscribe to Choose Opera blog and receive them instantly (as it says there: make sure your are logged in to your My Opera account).

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