Pwn2Own: Internet Explorer 8, 7 vs. Firefox 3 vs. Chrome 4 vs. Safari 4

By | February 18, 2010

Pwn2Own: Internet Explorer 8 vs. Firefox 3 vs. Chrome 4 vs. Safari 4In the upcoming Pwn2Own contest, hackers will be trying to “pwn” Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari web browsers. Competition will be active for three days, with a total cash prize pool of $40 000, where each target is worth $10 000.

Contestants will be trying to exploit:

Day 1
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7
Mozilla Firefox 3 on Windows 7
Google Chrome 4 on Windows 7
Apple Safari 4 on MacOS X Snow Leopard

Day 2
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 on Windows Vista
Mozilla Firefox 3 on Windows Vista
Google Chrome 4 on Windows Vista
Apple Safari 4 on MacOS X Snow Leopard

Day 3
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP
Mozilla Firefox 3 on Windows XP
Google Chrome 4 on Windows XP
Apple Safari 4 on MacOS X Snow Leopard

Sadly, Opera won’t be one of the targets.


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  1. pneumatyka says:

    Why not Opera?
    Is there any reason? It is said to be most secure browser, so such a competition would be a great test for it. Is it because small market share?

    • Ditto, it is the safest according to many. Why wouldn’t thy try to PWN it? Maybe the person/people running it have a bias against Opera.

    • Anachron says:

      Probably for the same reason as last year. If you want an actual answer, ask on their blog and not here.

      Oh, and the safest browser is clearly Lynx or Links on *BSD.

    • nobody says:

      well, there are many reasons opera is frequently (or almost always) dropped by such tests/initiatives:

      1: opera alienated and belitled developers for much too long. no tools (dragonfly is still THE crap, that cant do basics), bad documentation, uncertain development path, uncertain stance on some opera implementations etc. who makes the web? developers. do not f.. with them. it takes NO effort to ignore opera, it takes A LOT to make complex things work in this thing. noone has an obligation, you know.

      1b: opera ‘standards support’. their motto: ‘lets implement cutting edge useless stuff just to be first – SVG’ while console.log support waits and waits. there are ‘standards’ and ‘standards’. opera never opted for reality. there are dozens of important stuff (not css3 magic, this is not IMPORTANT) that stops opera from being treated well by webpages. if opera wants to be served the same code as other browsers, it better be able to eat this code. right now, it cant.

      2: it ‘doesnt work’. flash issues, silverlight issues, gears not working, java acting weird, video plugins misbehaving… all in one, neat package. there are too many examples to blame 3rd parties. opera did something very wrong with their plugin architecture. and who cares about a browser you cant use normaly? other browsers, heck, even ancients like ff 1.5 can use these plugins no problem. so maybe it is THEM that follow some kind of standard?

      3: no corporate love. opera NEVER was able to use NTLM properly, NEVER was able to use sharepoint, opera NEVER could maintain session across corpo proxy networks in windows environment. you spend more time at work than at home. if you cant use opera there, it doesnt exist.

      4: very very poor opera PR. opera ignores contests like these, they never contact organisators, never try to solve problems that stop opera entry. remember that ‘game canvas test’? authors said it clear ‘opera has JS issues’. what opera did? nothing. and it was a perfect oportunity to fix those, release labs build and get +1 PR. not that these bugs arent afecting other real world pages.

      5: no marketing. most guys do not know about opera. and they do not give a f.. about opera mini. it is a poor’s man browser. guys making such contests are always on cutting edge. there is no opera in cutting edge yet. opera for android or iphone? great initiatives, release them! until then – they do not exist.

      you really think that there is world wide conspiracy against opera? if opera fixes all these, and problem persists, then we might talk about that.

      until then, opera is the most beautifull browser (thanks Hicks!) that simply sux in real life. people do not want compromises, opera asks them to make them giving no reason why they should.

      they arent buying it.

      • pneumatyka says:

        Thank you for this valuable comment. While I don’t agree in one point (Dragonfly is IMHO best for basic things – its very fast, have basic features, and most readable and nice looking element highlighting I ever seen – in 0.7 alpha. But I expect it to become my #1 tools – as soon as there will be new update.), you quite right in plugins.
        Friend of mine had some terrible problems with flash in Opera, and that’s why he stopped using it. I never get it to view properly certain media types (using VLC plugin), but I don’t care about it too much.

        Arguments about poor PR or marketing – I don’t agree with them. Lets do not forget that Opera is small company in comparison to other 4 players, I think they are doing great anyway.

        One more thing – standards support – they have their own vision (of what is important) and we should respect this (since those are the standards anyway and well they have to earn money – unlike other players which have a lot of income from other fields). Seems like their investment in widgets was a great decision, SVG is also very promising technology, and they already rule on this field when it comes to speed and display.

      • nvm says:

        Did anyone actually read that whole rant? Someone is a bit too obsessed, methinks…

    • MarkG says:

      It’s obvious, they know Opera is pretty darn secure, and Firefox and IE are open targets.

  2. mabdul says:

    no mobile browser this year?

  3. TNO says:

    Old version of Fx too? Quite disappointing…

  4. NOD32 says:

    Chrome is the best.

  5. what the [PWNED] says:

    I have opera and it is slow as hell. safari 4 works best for me. Chrome crashes on me way to much. and firefox is not the fastest browser ever. Dont know about explorer cause i got a mac. but my advise is dont even bother getting a deferent browser than what it came with. unless it is an upgraded version of the one u have