Pwn2Own: Hacker Exploits IE8, Firefox, Safari

By | March 19, 2009

From ZDNet

“He won a cash prize and got to keep the hardware. Details of the vulnerability, which was described by contest sponsor TippingPoint ZDI as a “brilliant IE8 bug!” are being kept under wraps.

“Nils” also scored a clean hit against Apple’s Safari (he was the second hacker to exploit Safari) and, later in the afternoon, he exploited a Firefox zero-day flaw to claim the trifecta.”

In case you are interested, Mac was hacked in 10 seconds.

Nothing about Opera or Chrome yet.


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  1. Lomas says:

    go to:

    Firefox claimed their browser is the safest…

  2. FFF says:


    Well after much discussion and deliberation here is the final cut at scenarios for the PWN2OWN competitions.

    Browsers and Associated Test PAltform

    Vaio – Windows 7




    Day 1: Default install no additional plugins. User goes to link.
    Day 2: flash, java, .net, quicktime. User goes to link.
    Day 3: popular apps such as acrobat reader … User goes to link

    What is owned? – code execution within context of application


    ZDI Team commented on 2009-02-25 @ 16:10

    @fearphage: Based on market share we only accept Internet Explorer and Firefox vulnerabilities through the ZDI. For the sake of this competition we included Chrome and Safari due to their default presence on various mobile platforms.

    Found this random comment that you’ll probably like

    I am sure Opera being the one out is going to take this to the EU…

  3. Looks like they have changed the rules.

    As you can stil find the old agenda via Google’s cache:

    2009-01-12 00:00:00 Pwn2Own and Agenda

    There will be 2 Pwn2Own competitions this year: a) Browsers (IE8, FireFox, Safari, Opera), b) Mobile(Android, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile, RIM)

  4. Kyle says:

    No it’s not, Tiaga. If you’d leave your fanboyism out of this for a minute and use your brain you’d see that’s blatantly false. Statistically speaking, Opera is the most secure browser.

  5. nobody says:

    “I am sure Opera being the one out is going to take this to the EU…”

    lol, hilarious

  6. FFF says:

    Statistics is nothing without full disclosure. You also have to remember that most of Opera’s market share are on mobile and other non-PC devices, which hasn’t been much of a target until lately (now that you have personal files and documents etc. on them).

    This blog needs a preview or edit function -_-