Project Spartan Has Finally Landed

By | March 31, 2015

Project Spartan Has Finally LandedAnd this time it’s official.

Great news for everyone who has been rocking the Windows 10 Preview as today’s Fast ring build 10049 finally includes the browser you’ve been waiting for: Project Spartan.

Due to previous leaks, there’s very little excitement as all features have been revealed already, such as: reading list, Cortana integration and new UI.

On a less positive note, it looks like the initial build is missing a lot of basic features (just like Opera did) such as: password manager, proper history, etc.

If you don’t feel like installing with Windows 10, here’s a video from Microsoft itself, which should (hopefully) convince you to give Project Spartan a try once it lands as a stable build in the coming summer. For us though, it has too much fluff talk and too little action.


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