Prism Update

By | March 12, 2008

PrismSome time ago, Mozilla Labs released a new version of Prism. If you haven’t heard about it yet, Prism is an open source cross-platform prototype of functionality that lets users split web applications out of the browser and run them directly on the desktop. New Prism version now has new desktop integration capabilities and simpler installation. All you have to do now is download Prism add-on.


  • Pick an icon to represent a web app on the desktop: Prism can use the web app favicon or the user can pick a custom image to represent the web app.
  • Run each web app in its own profile: Prism now places each web app into its own process/profile so they don’t interfere with each other, which also makes it possible to install a web app twice and use it simultaneously with two different user accounts.
  • Badge the dock icon: Initial support for adding a badge to the desktop icon has been added. Currently, this can be done through a custom webapp.js file. We’re working on creating and reusing web standards to expose this to content without requiring custom scripts.
  • Read more about Prism
    Download Prism add-on.

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    1. Steven says:

      Never heard of Prizm, but i just a simple app. in OSX called Fluid to quickly and easily do the job. :)