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By | September 8, 2008

Pogo Web Browser ScreenshotsSome time ago I’ve received an invitation to try Pogo Web Browser so downloaded Pogo 1.1 Beta and started to play with it.

First thing I noticed during the download process was its size. Pogo is a heavy browser and its installation uses more than 50 megabytes (54.5 MB) of disk space.

It took some time to install it but installation went smooth and without any errors.

Pogo Install

Pogo Install

Once you launch Pogo, it offers you to transfer bookmarks from other web browsers. Since it’s a beta only, Safari and Firefox weren’t located.

Pogo Start
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This is the part where I just had to click skip. Takes way too long.

Pogo Bookmarks
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Unlike other web browsers, Pogo keeps your tabs in the bottom (with small thumbnails). You can easily click on any blank one to open new page. All that simple.

Visual bookmarks

Pogo Bookmarks
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Here’s a feature similar to Opera’s speed dial.

Pogo Speed Dial
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As this is Firefox based web browser, settings are not much different.

Pogo Settings
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This is one of the features which I really enjoyed. Quick search bar.

Pogo Smart Find
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Overall, Pogo was way too big and used too many resources. Maybe in the near future this won’t be an issue anymore. But hey, it’s a 3D web browser. What did you expect? Low resources usage?

Pogo Browser Home Page


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  1. Ky says:

    Hey, can you send me a invitation? :)

  2. Hi,

    They gave me 1 only :-) But promised to give more of them someday, for FavBrowser visitors.

  3. cousin333 says:

    Looks nice. But I’m waiting for Opera 10, possibly with hardware accelerated zoom and panning. And maybe with cool 3D effects like this. It won’t be that big either I guess…

  4. Jack Lawrence says:

    Can you send me a invitation, looks very nice. Would like to give it a try. Thanks