Perk, A Browser That Blocks Ads Automatically

By | July 29, 2013

Rewards you for using it.

If you are easily swayed by various services that reward you for their usage (like Bing Rewards), then Perk might very well become your default web browser.

With around $1 million in funding and 5,000 monthly active users, Perk will not only block all ads but also give you points for using it that in turn can be redeemed for various rewards. In addition to that, Perk will offer its users special deals thanks to over 2,000 online store partnerships, including giants like Amazon and Best Buy.

While it’s currently available on PC’s and iOS devices only, the team is said to be working on the Android version as well, and before you ask, yes, it’s another Chromium biased web browser.

Perk, A Browser That Blocks Ads Automatically

Looks interesting? Give it a go.

Perk Browser

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  1. gfsgte says:

    Chromium biased? Isn’t it Chromium based?!

  2. bert says:

    the next step in web browsers, from paid to free to them paying you

  3. Mark says:

    It doesn’t give you real hard cash you can use anywhere you like, it gives you rewards in the form of vouchers and discounts.

    In other words, it’s advertising and sponsorship by another name.

  4. WEBber says:

    Haha it’s a browser for people who have problems with self-control. Just install the AdBlock extension on chromium browsers and you’re good. I have it on my Torch browser and it does wonders to my browsing experience :)

  5. DeadChaos says:

    Malware? Sounds very strange for a browser.