Opera’s New Advertising Strategy? OperaMini vs iPhone

By | June 19, 2007

If you haven’t seen this video yet, be sure to do that.

Maybe that could mean war, here’s a Steve Jobs quote about iPhone:
“it is the full Internet in your pocket for the first time.”Of course, Opera wasn’t happy about that, as their Opera Mobile already do that. So they “complained” a bit, later that day Steve Jobs responded (quote):
“I apologize. I should have been more specific. Our products will be the first to allow normal, non-loser people to do these things.”Also, according to Apple, Safari 3 for Windows is much faster than Opera or Firefox. Of course, this seemed to be not so true.Well… I think that Opera is no longer a “quiet” browser. They’ve responded with a funny video about Opera Mini and iPhone. They are trying to get as many attention as possible now instead of just spreading word via it’s community. I am glad that they’ve changed the way in which they promote products. I am also almosut sure, that Apple will create something similar to this against Opera too. Maybe that means war. We will see in the future. As for now I am really happy with things they are doing now. They want attention in any price.
See Mom, we’re not a small company and we came to beat our competitors. So stop ignoring our browser, as we are here now.

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  1. I don’t think there will be war. Just imagine Apple / Jobs would Opera – it would simply give attention to Opera and increase competition.

    So maybe there will be a special kind of war: Apple says we’re the only champions simply ignoring the world around and Opera complains but nobody except already insiders and fans would hear it. Like Job’s flying to Mars with a flag “Apple first on mars” and Opera raises it’s flag “Already here” on the dark side of Mars.

    Hopefully there will be an Opera Hype some day …

  2. Dorian says:

    Where did jobs say “non-losers”? On the fictitious secret steve jobs blog? COME ON!