Opera’s Comeback to Browser Wars

By | February 5, 2009

After all those SunSpider tests where Opera was not very close from the worst: Internet Explorer 8 and beaten by Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome, they are developing a new weapon: Carakan.

So what is Carakan?

Carakan is a new ECMAScript/JavaScript engine for Opera web browser which is currently in development. The current JavaScript engine Futhark was the fastest from them all during its first release long time ago. But times changed…


During the SunSpider test, Carakan was ~2.5x times faster than its older brother Futhark which is currently integrated into Opera 10 Alpha.
Although new engine is not fully ready for a full scale, native code generation testing, during separate tests, it was 5-50 times faster.

For more details on Carakan, Register-based bytecode, Native code generation, Automatic object classification and Performance, feel free to check this post.


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  1. Man I love Opera , they invented so many features.
    Thx Vygantas Lipskas ,even in cnet , when the writer is should write about Opera but they compare with FF.

    How many features that introduced by Opera , now FF use?
    Eg, Fraud protection , speed dial (Via ff-extentions), advanced download manager.
    Yeah Opera Rules.

  2. Daniel says:

    Yes it does.

    Why doesnt this article include imformation about Vega.