Opera Working To Fix Facebook Video Calling

By | July 11, 2011

Opera Working To Fix Facebook Video CallingFacebook unveiled its new video calling feature this week right after Google+ came out and boasted with Hangouts (video chats with up to ten people). Unfortunately, Opera is not supported by Facebook for this feature at present. An Opera employee had the following to say about the matter:

The reason for Facebook’s block seems to be a problem with our version of Opera on OS X. Facebook’s plug-in installs itself as FacebookVideoCalling.webplugin on Mac, but our browser only recognises plug-ins with a .plugin extension. This causes their plug-in detection scripts to think the installation failed, triggering a renewed installation process. Our fearless engineers are working to fix this issue in Opera code as soon as possible, and we’re also in talks with Facebook to find a quick resolution to the problem. – Patrick H. Lauke, Web Evangelist in the Developer Relations Team at Opera

Mozilla has been having issues with Mac OS X as well. Coincidence?

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  1. IE & Opera FanBoy says:

    Good to know!!

  2. Shane Bundy says:

    Is this another fail on Opera’s part?
    They complain on test compliance yet they fail on everyday compliance. Hmm.

    • Armin says:

      Aren’t they taking the blame here?

      • Guest says:

        They shouldn’t, because it’s Facebook’s fault (notice how it works fine on Windows when masking as Firefox as well). But of course people don’t get that.

    • I kicked my cat only once says:

      Mmh, that’s what you say when you look negatively at this. Look positively, and you can say that Opera acknowledges the fact their browser is not perfect; they are open about this, and they actively take steps to improve the browser. Very mature behavior, in contrast to what others accuse Opera of. So yes, this is a fail on opera’s part.

      • Shane Bundy says:

        Both of you are right in saying that Opera is taking the blame. For once.
        I know no browser’s perfect (because otherwise we’d all be using it) but at least Opera acknowledges that its browser has bugs of its own and is working to fix them.
        Question is: how long will it take?

        • Guest says:

          I realize you are a 16 year old kid who are getting picked on in school, but you really should stop posting immature nonsense like that.

          Opera “taking the blame for once” is just trolling. Read their core and site patching blogs and you’ll see that they are perfectly open about bugs in opera.

          But in this case it isn’t Opera’s fault, at least on windows. Facebook video chat works fine on Windows, but you need to mask as Firefox because Facebook blocked Opera for Windows for no reason.

          Please kid, start off in a good way. Don’t grow up to be a troll.

    • Anonymous says:

      Errm no, Facebook made the fatal assumption that everyone on mac will be using Safari and thus relying on WebKit naming conventions for plugins, for which the specification is vague at best…

      Opera are making their browser work the same way that WebKit does….

    • Guest says:

      Facebook video chat works fine in Opera for Windows if you mask as Firefox.

      It doesn’t work on Mac because Facebook assumes that all browsers use Webkit, so it ignores Gecko (Firefox) and Presto (Opera).

      What kind of test compliance are you referring to? You wouldn’t happen to be referring to the JS test that isn’t even close to finished, and tests things that isn’t even being used by sites? If so, that’s a major fail on your part.

  3. Andylee_Sato says:

    I did not find this feature at all up to now… is it already public in Europe (Austria)?

  4. IE & Opera FanBoy says:

    Its interesting to see IE9 has better score than Opera 11.50 at http://sputnik.googlelabs.com/run 

    • Shane Bundy says:

      Maybe because Microsoft have finally gotten serious about the browser space.
      And to be honest I think they will make great competitors.
      Wish Opera did more coding than marketing (like they used to do).

      • Guest says:

        Where did you get the idea that Opera does more marketing than coding? Please, quit it with the trolling. You are just making yourself look like a nerdy kid who needs to take it out online because you are being bullied at school.

        • Anonymous says:

          Stop trolling.

          Assuming he was “bullied at school” is just trolling.

          Look at yourself. If you are there to shill out flack then expect to cop some.

          What a hypocrite

    • Mikah says:

      Great to see the progress IE is making on conforming to standards its good news for everyone, 
      still have plenty of catching up to do yet on HTML5 test  but they are making rapid progress.

  5. Armin says:

    Unless I am misunderstanding, I find it strange that a problem with Opera and Facebook on Mac OS X is handicapping Opera and Facebook on Windows and Linux as well.

    • Of course Its also Facebooks fault, because they shouldn’t block Opera for all platforms, they should check also the operative system and block only Mac OS X.

      If you mask your Opera as Firefox it works perfectly on Windows

  6. Teddy says:

    k thats good men

  7. james martinez says:

    well they better hurry up

  8. Armin says:

    Where’s Facebook Video Chat for Opera? It’s been over a month since this news came along!

    • Nobody says:

      look at silverlight

      opera promised support for it like 3 years ago, still more than half of SL content does not work

      get used to it, opera isnt king when it comes to keeping promises

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s working fine on Windows. Facebook just needs to remove the browser sniffing.