Opera Working on Windows 7 Features Support

By | October 30, 2009

Opera Working on Windows 7 Features SupportIn the Opera forums post, one of the Opera’s developers has mentioned that they are implementing Windows 7 features “that makes sense” for the upcoming browser version.

Although not many details were revealed, he said: “Multi-touch is certainly one of those things we will evaluate as part of this process.”.

In the meantime, we can only hope that some of those implementations will be already available in Opera 10.10 Final release.

Thanks to Daniel Hendrycks for news tip.


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  1. I think we all have a long over-due wishlist of features and tweaks that we would love to see in Opera, but to go so far as wishing Windows 7 multi-touch support into Opera 10.10, well I just hope that you can hold your breath for a really really really …[repeat the word ‘really’ as needed here] long time.

    More power to Opera if it actually does end up being supported, but this post seems to imply that there are strong facts backing the support for multi-touch support as well as other “Windows 7” features when in fact they are all still simply suggestions and wishes.

    I just don’t want to see FavBrowser.com become a “rumor” site for Opera’s “new awesome features” that will most likely not make it into any releases in the near future. How about we stick to the factual progress and stop spreading false hope? ;)

  2. Pallab says:

    Hopefully jumpmlists is one of those Win7 features which makes sense to them.

  3. nobody says:

    if opera’ vista integration can be any sign of future, we’ll see jumplists in 2011, and suchh stuff like donwloads progress bar in 2020.

    or maybe never, because since when opera cares about such stuff like os integration.. when we’ll see vista open/save file dialog? 2012?

    • cousin333 says:

      … nobody speaks about this. :P

    • Tsssk says:

      Who cares about Vista integration? Vista was a flop.

      Now Windows 7 actually seems like it’s taking off. Makes more sense to support that.

      • nobody says:

        “Who cares about Vista integration? Vista was a flop.”

        maybe tens (or 100s?) of milions of vista users, who get the impression that opera isnt polished and full product if it cannot integrate with 2nd most popular operating system of the world..

        you know, this kind of things count and has large impact on overal image of the product/company.

        opera couldnt make use of vista file open/save dialog for 2 years, this looks like arrogance mixed with incompetence in user experience department.

        • Washout says:

          There was no point in Opera doing anything about Vista since Vista was a flop. Windows 7, on the other hand…

  4. nobody says:

    vista a flop? what is your definition of a flop? 20-25% marketshare? if so, tell me what opera is with its 1-3%.. a megaflop?

    like it or not, vista is second most popular system now, and for many years will be popular, esp. on home desktops (xp is mainly corporate teritory now)

    ignoring it for 2 or 3 years is rather odd and suicidal move on opera’ side, but i got used to opera loosing touch with its customers pursuing goals that couldnt mater less to everyone else

    is opera able to fully integrate as default browser in vista? because when i last tried to do it, it wasnt possible (ver 9.6)

    • Grrblt says:

      Flop or no flop is largely determined by real vs expected market share, not absolute market share. A product that sells 100 million copies when you expect it to sell 300 million is pretty much a flop. A product that sells 10k copies when you expect it to sell 1k copies is a huge success.

      • nobody says:

        expected MS sell values should mean absolutely nothing for opera. for opera users/customesr what matters is that ‘flop’ is installed on one of each four/five computers out there.

        using expected vista sales as an excuse not to support it is STUPID

        vista has 20-25% marketshare, is ignored by opera (or opera cant do it properly). these are facts. explaining this behaviour in a way: “we are not going to support it because this system was suposed to sell better”


        • Daniel says:

          “…or opera cant do it properly”
          Do you think that the coders for Opera Software are stupid? Is anyone that enters that building automatically stupid? They build many amazing things, do you think it would be just beyond their skills to make jump-list support?

          • nobody says:

            they are either too stupid to realise that such stuff IS important – like taking care for what their users need and require (or what product image is). industry standard is: integrate seamlesly, period.

            or too stupid to do it.

            either way, opera is lacking something. browser claiming to be cutting edge that cannot integrate properly with operating system other than XP (ask linux and MacOS users about integration) doesnt look very credible.

            please, no ‘but there is big picture to consider’. if opera is profitble, then it schould hire more engineers to solve such issues. and if they are at it – do something with dragonfly, that is apparently dead.

  5. J says:

    Flop to me is IE8, which is made for Windoze, which runs slowly on the very OS it was created for…

    What use is arguing over whether Opera has problems with this site or that site, or doesn’t “integrate” well into an OS, when IE (all versions) run at most 75% speed of Opera and crashes about 10x as much?