Opera Turbocharges Opera Turbo

By | April 11, 2011 | 12 Comments

Opera Turbocharged

Now here is something for the cheerleaders.

Web site compression technology, Opera Turbo, has just received a significant upgrade which will certainly improve your browsing experience.

Thanks to WebP compression, JPEG images not only do look better now but also take less time to load (see picture above).

When comparing both, old and new Opera Turbo versions, it’s hard not to notice the difference.

According to the test results (Old Opera Turbo vs. New Opera Turbo), performance improved by up to 260%.

Opera Turbo Turbocharged


Added WebP compression as a replacement for JPEG
More efficient, and fewer, network connections
Faster secure connections (SSL)

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  • mr.lutze

    Interesting, I wonder if they can do the same (or maybe they already did?) with Opera Mini compression.

    • Xxx

      Servers used for Opera Turbo and Opera Mini are practically the same, so Mini will benefit of this too

  • RamaSubbu_SK

    Wow!! Opera Rocks!!

  • RamaSubbu_SK

    Wow!! Opera Rocks!!

  • Anonymous

    The best just got better….

  • Heath

    Huge improvement. Perhaps I’ll try using Turbo more. I’ll need to see if its actually an improvement on my desktop in speed.

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  • Anonymous

    I can see it “Try Opera with the New and Improved Turbo Engine. Guaranteed to get you with the crappy internet connection browsing again”

  • http://diyistheway.blogspot.com/ Chris

    Nice, could they use WebP compression to create a new compression standard for images in general? To substitute jpeg for example…

    • http://twitter.com/pepkin88 Marek Pepke

      It is already a new format for images in the web. Opera and Chrome already use it.

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