Opera Turbo Is Coming

By | February 16, 2009

Opera Software plans to debut in the upcoming Mobile World Congress event (16-19th February) in Barcelona with its new product called “Opera Turbo”.

This technology will allow network operators to reduce bandwidth consumption as well as increase users browsing experience due to decreased loading times.

How does it work? Opera Turbo compresses data (up to 80%) before sending it to mobile phones, personal computers or any other devices. Just like the way it works with Opera Mini.

According to UberGizmo: “Opera Turbo was 3.5x faster than a browser not using their technique.

Opera will make money by selling Opera Turbo (as a pre-installed browser) to wireless carriers that can’t keep up with increased bandwidth usage. It is much cheaper to by software than to upgrade the infrastructure, so this is an interesting business proposal.”

For more details, please check official Opera Turbo page.

Thanks to Trygve Lie for sugesting this article.


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  1. Brian says:

    I don’t know about Opera. I have used it before in my past, created an Opera account, and even blogged on that account, but the web browser needs a lot of improvement to stay alive. With all the other web browsers becoming full of add-ons and other innovative features, Opera has stayed behind. I mean, shouldn’t it be a no-brainer when INTERNET EXPLORER even starts with the add-ons game? Then again, I even use Google Chrome, which doesn’t boast to much right now (except I love searching from the address bar), over Opera.

  2. Brian , Opera introduced lot of features , add-ons let opera down , but performance and innovative ability opera is the best.

    Best download manager,fraud protection developed firstly by opera, first browser developer vertion of opera got 100% acdid 3 test same day afternoon was the Safari.Notes(My favourite)

  3. sigh says:


    Opera definitely doesn’t need some random newb on the net to tell them what to do to stay alive. They’ve been in the browser game for more than a decade, and all their business areas are experiencing massive growth.

    Opera has stayed behind, eh? Nice trolling.

    Stop it with the doom and gloom nonsense already. Opera is doing fine. Look it up for yourself in their financial reports.

  4. sigh says:

    And actually Brian, what on earth does your silly rant have to do with Opera Turbo? Jesus Christ.

  5. Kyle says:

    When I think of Firefox users, Brian’s picture comes to mind. Whiny little gingers who think they’re computer gods but are pretty much clueless. And all those addons the other browsers’s need are __built in__ to Opera.

  6. nobody says:

    It is bullshit, that functionality (exact!) of various addons is present in opera. firebug is prime example. dragonfly simpy sux compared EVEN to ie8 dev tools, not mentioning firebug. same goes for ad-block (one of the strongest firefox selling points) and MANY other functionalities.

    yes, opera invented many of those. others improved them and implemented on their own (ff speed dial is MUCH better than opera crappy and closed implementation of their OWN idea, thats pathetic). list goes on and on. most Opera innovations werent touched for YEARS now (cookie management anyone?.

    that separates firefox from opera. due to add-on’s constant development cycle these are always fresh and up to date. opera functionality average age is 5 years. and that is clearly visible when you check their GUI, their menu system, their various managers (cookie, download, JS etc). and after firefox included auto-update for addons (that works, compared to opera auto-update for the browser) installing them and managing them is EASIER than placing a f.. button on opera toolbar.

    as for the opera turbo – i cannot see a single reason why this is a sensible investment

    content-encoding: gzip, deflate

    DOES THE SAME as this ‘innovative product’.

    it isnt innovative, it is a nonsense, that costed opera lots and lots of money and is going to generate even higher costs (they need to pay for the servers, you know) without any tangible benefit. it fits perfectly opera overall development strategy :)

  7. Stanny says:

    I have used Opera and I find it worthy of respect for hell lot of features it always invents.
    It is not good to speak when you know less if you haaven’t used or know more then speak right Brian