Opera to Unveil a “Very Aggressive” Advertising Campaign

By | February 11, 2009

It looks like Opera Software has finally started to focus more on its products advertising. Opera will unveil a “very aggressive” advertising campaign designed to promote Opera for mobile phones. “Over our history, we’ve spent zero [on advertising], so it’s a huge shift” Opera’s Software SVP Rod Hamlin said.

And if that’s not enough, Opera has also placed the following message on a billboard near Microsoft Redmond campus: “Be a Real Internet explorer…Opera.com.” Sadly, there are no pictures yet.


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  1. DeclinedDoomed says:

    Be a Real Internet explorer…

    Awesome. I’m liking the change in tone from Opera lately. I’ve been using Firefox as my default browser for a while now, but maybe I should look at Opera again.

  2. It should be said: finally! But if product is really good “needs no promotion” and that should be Opera Software slogan. Maybe not too aggressive but very catchy, provocative and confident.

  3. Tiago Sá says:

    Did firefox have any money spent on advertising before the Fx3 release?

  4. hello says:

    “if product is really good “needs no promotion””

    Complete and utter nonsense. How do you think Firefox achieved its current massive success? Massive PR and advertising campaigns, that’s how.

  5. shadowfox87 says:

    Finally!! But I don’t think it should focus just on mobile phones, it needs to advertise all of its products especially the opera browser.

  6. Complete and utter nonsense.

    It seems to me that you can’t read…
    I heavan’t wrote that O.S. shouldn’t do ANY campaign. What I meant was the new Opera campaign should be more provocative less aggressive. Times where aggressive promotion was trendy just gone. It’s not enough now.

  7. mabdul says:

    mozilla made a big newspaper campain in germany for the ff 1.0 release! many people donated money.