Opera Refreshes “About” Page Looks, Adds New Icon

By | July 9, 2009

The upcoming Opera 10 Final release will feature a refreshed opera:about page which will replace gray and dull looking one.

Opera 9 About

Opera 10 About
These tiny improvements are what make your web browser feel special.

Also, Daniel Hendrycks noticed a new icon in Opera/styles/images directory.

Opera New Icon

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  1. Daniel Hendrycks says:

    A glimpse of the new NEEDED Icon.

  2. lil buddie says:

    I think they should rethink their icon. Why an O? Firefox doesn’t have an F for its Icon. Safari doesn’t have an S for its icon. Everytime I see that icon on my desktop I think of Overstock.com not Opera. lol

  3. Dels says:

    the big red “O” icon was great for everything, especially when it comes to 16×16 pixel icon (like on quick launch) and it scalable too (great for printing media), the question is why it always red? is it refer to the red carpet or the red curtain we usually see in opera?

    • Ben says:

      The colour red symbolises many meanings in different cultures.

      Opera is the red wine of Web browsing.

      • Foo says:

        So it’s a disgusting browser then, or a fool who thinks he’s refined?

        Several studies have indicated that red carries the strongest reaction of all the colors, with the level of reaction decreasing gradually with orange, yellow, and white, respectively.

        Via: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red#cite_ref-28

        So it basically went something like this when the color were chosen:

        * Jeg har hørt noe om at rødt tiltrekker oppmerksomhet.

        * Å, det høres flott, la oss kjøre med de!

        * La oss ta oksen ved hornene og snakke med sjefen direkte.

        (I hope it’s obvious that I’m bored… :P)

        • weird says:

          You should go whine about Google’s logo. There’s a lot of lame stuff you can write about it.

          • Fo says:

            Maybe you haven’t noticed, but the topic here is “Opera […] New Icon”
            Anyway, as for Google’s logo. Shadows look consistent, there’s a soft glass effect with the text slightly “outset”. Lastly, and most importantly, it’s stealthy and doesn’t distract the eye from the content.

          • weird says:

            Yeah, this is extremely “stealthy”:



          • Foo says:

            It is stealthy in that it’s not distracting from the surrounding elements (while also being pleasant to look at if one would like to do so).
            I’m not really sure what you’re trying to show me with that picture either… it’s the same logo as on Google Search.

    • Foo says:

      I was completely sure most opera houses I have seen had some white-brown-yellow form of color for its curtains, but Google Image Search says red so…

      Anyway, found this when looking which might be interesting for some:

      Looks like they are doing the same mistake again, what with that odd tubular look. It looks like a coin that’s been bent.

      • weird says:

        How are they making the same mistake again exactly? Are you an expert or something?

        • Fo says:

          Although not as much, it still looks like some halfway try at being an “Escher look-alike”.

          “expert” have so many crappy definitions available, it’s practically worthless to use it as anything but a marketing stunt. I really hate it when these types of people try to censor society with such remarks too.

  4. Ben says:

    The ‘O’ graphic is found in one of the CSS files inside Opera:

    in body

    background: #fff url(images/Opera_256x256.png) no-repeat 110% -120px;

    • Foo says:

      Nice initiative I must say. I seriously don’t understand why they can’t do something like what Alex Faaborg did regarding the Firefox icon and are planning to do with the Thunderbird icon.
      I would vote for number five or two, can’t really understand people who voted for number four…

  5. Daniel H says:


    This time the suspected icon looks less rounded and prettier.

  6. Daniel H says:

    It is less circular now and prettier.