Opera: Real Bookmarks Is Not Our Priority

By | August 31, 2013

Opera: Real Bookmarks Is Not Our PrioritySuggests installing as many extensions as possible.

If you’re one of the people who’ve delayed their upgrade plans from Opera 12 because of the missing bookmark functionality, then you are up for a disappointment.

According to the latest blog post (and comments by Odin Hørthe Omdal), you shouldn’t expect native bookmark functionality in the near feature as Opera’s first priority is the quick access bar. Instead, they suggest relying on the third party extensions, which doesn’t sound like a good idea.

Odin said, “One thing that is absolutely sure is that it is now possible to build an extension to do it, and that will be quicker than waiting. Any native bookmark functionality will use the same backend as the extension, so it can be a seamless transition. But the priority is on the quick access bar, which is not possible to do with extension right now.”

So here you have it, guys. It looks like Opera’s management is as ignorant as it has ever been. Hopefully, bookmarks will arrive faster than a support for extensions did, which the community has been asking about for a number of years.

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  1. Wolfwar says:

    while waiting official bookmarks manager from Opera devs (if ever comes), there is a nice user extension (still in development, tho, but fully functional). You need to install it through developer mode. It’s called Real Bookmarks, and I’m using it.


    …link to zip file is at the end of article

  2. Tiago Sá says:

    What did I say, what did I say?


  3. Paul says:

    Let those guys die. They don’t care about us.

  4. Guest says:

    Use Maxthon or Firefox. This browser is ass.

  5. Mehran says:

    Their priority is getting rid of Presto developers! :v

  6. Rafael Luik says:

    “you shouldn’t expect native bookmark functionality in the near feature as Opera’s first priority is the quick access bar”

    Stop Vygantas! Look at what you’re doing. Look at the comments in this article!
    I suspect you’re not illiterate so you’d know that quick access bar = initial bookmarks implementation. If quick access bar is their first priority it automatically means bookmarks is one of their priorities.

    BTW Speed Dial is completely enough for me and most other users as proved by usage statistics data.

  7. Maxim says:

    Good. They shouldn’t have implemented “quick access bar” either.

  8. d4rkn1ght says:

    Opera is no longer the great browser it used to be. :( Separating M2 was the last nail in the coffin. Not only they got rid of all their classic features, they are also getting rid of us power-users as well.

    I have been playing with the SeaMonkey browser, and I’m liking what I see so far.

  9. RingMyDingDong says:

    It is sad that Opera is no longer a great browser…

    I wonder who was the one who made all those decisions

    Even Internet Explorer 4.0 has bookmark feature.

    • Rafael Luik says:

      Where do I find IE4’s Speed Dial, integrated search engines, tabs, download manager, mouse gestures, extensions, up-to-date web standards support, tabs, recently closed tabs list, Off-road, Stash and Discover?

      • RingMyDingDong says:

        You actually use Stash and discover?

        • Rafael Luik says:

          You actually use your brain?

          • RingMyDingDong says:

            So, how do you find Stash this new feature? is it better than 12.16 bookmark?

          • Rafael Luik says:

            Nope, Speed Dial is more complete as a bookmarks replacement than Stash. Yet listen, I know it isn’t anything compared to classic bookmarks but it’s what’s closer (by a huge margin, but closer, at least it has one level deep folder structure).

            I don’t need bookmarks (nor sessions) now that Speed Dial has folders. I organized my links one level deep just fine and I’ve aways reached them by typing part of URL/title in the address field anyway. But that’s of course my usage and I understand how other people want to have more sub-folders, nicknames, a bar, a manager, etc.

            You wonder who made the decision… Well somebody that considered more than 90% of the users didn’t use bookmarks (or nicknames, or the bookmarks bar, etc – according to the usage statistics collected) and thought about making the tools the browser offer less redundant (Bookmarks and Speed Dial serve to save links = redundancy), somebody who thought that perhaps bookmarks were being less and less used specially with the advent of web apps, etc. The decision wasn’t accepted by some who showed how their usage is prejudiced without a bar/button to quickly open saved links in the current page without having to navigate in the Speed Dial UI, without nicknames, etc, then they decided to redevelop bookmarks natively in the browser.

            Contrary to what FavBrowser is reporting, the bookmarks feature is one priority (one of the many) and you can see that they’re advancing starting with the implementation of the bookmakrs bar (A.K.A. quick access bar). But people can’t expect their “pet bug” to be fixed while other people have other demands, so bookmarks isn’t the sole and highest priority of Opera right now.

            Now, comparing IE 4 with Opera 15+? It makes no sense please stop.

          • RingMyDingDong says:

            Rafael, i disagree with the 90% of the users don’t use bookmarks statement, that doesn’t mean we can kill of native bookmark feature completely.

            Since Opera has less than 1% desktop browser market share, why don’t Opera stop making desktop browser since 99% of the internet users don’t use Opera at all.

          • jayjarn says:

            Most people use bookmarks, but most of them don’t need a full bookmark manager. They can easily do with speed dial.

        • Maxim says:

          HAHAAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHA. Holly shit you are the most retarded person I have ever seen.

    • Rafael Luik says:

      Read it. “The author” is butthurt. Cute.

    • jayjarn says:

      Worst. Article. Ever.

      First: “way ahead of its time as an internet application suite”

      Sorry, but others did that well before Opera.

      Then he claims that extensions “alienated the community” when the opposite is true.

      He also seems to think that Opera has been operating as a non-profit, but it’s a real company that needs to make money to stay in business.

      Basically, the author is an idiot.