Opera Now Imports Browser’s Passwords & Other Data Without Your Permission

By | June 10, 2014

Opera Now Imports Other Browser’s Passwords & Other Data Without Your PermissionSilent mode for everything.

Recently, Opera followed other browsers and revealed a new build, which would automatically update your software to the latest version. Now, it looks like Norwegian browser maker has decided to go an extra mile and silence even more tasks, starting with the latest Developer build (23.0.1522.0), Opera will now scan your PC for other web browser installations / profiles and silently import all data (on the first run) without your permission, including: passwords, cookies, history and bookmarks.

And assuming that you have Opera Sync enabled, it will now transfer all your data to the mighty cloud.

Now whether or not this feature sticks and goes to the stable version remains to be seen, there is a very minor probability that it won’t and it could worry those that are sensitive about their private data.

What do you think about such move?

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  1. Michael Pürmayr says:

    I think this is ok for almost all (~99%) of all users and can help to ease the transistion from another browser.
    For the hardcore users who want to seperate their settings, I am very sure they will find the setting to delete the imported data and then have a clean profile again.

  2. ruaman says:

    Such a dirty, unethical move!
    What about user preference/choice? What if I don’t want to bring anything from my default browser, or what if I want to bring my bookmarks from an alternative browser?

  3. Hunk says:

    Didn’t work for me with Opera 12.17 as default browser. Tried usb and normal installation. Ugly and broken feature.

  4. Ben says:

    Another reason to use Sandboxie.

  5. Rafael Luik says:

    There’s no “now” and “move”. Opera 12 already did this…

    What a need to talk about anything that would be remotely controversial about the new Opera uh?

  6. maddoctor says:

    They could give us the choice……….

  7. kież says:

    So they are becoming more like Chrome in absolutely ALL aspects then…?