Opera Mods and Additions

By | April 20, 2010

Opera Mods and AdditionsHere’s something useful. Extend Opera is a site, where you can download and share various modifications and additions for Opera web browser.

Tweaks are divided into the following categories:
Buttons, Bookmarklets & Macros
User CSS
Keyboard setup
Menu setup
Mouse setup
User Javascript
Toolbar setup

As of today, it has about 100 contributions and list appears to be growing.

Thanks to Daniel Hendrycks for this.


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  1. aavv says:

    Long live if opera devlopers
    can make some oh the FF most popular ad-one for Opera then
    it will rule the world

  2. Ichann says:

    too bad that site is severely limited.

    You cannot really classify changing menu layouts as mods. If only Opera incorporated greasemonkey like Chrome. That Unite application doesnt work for me :(

  3. Akintayo says:

    My problem is i cannot download operamulti4-2mod on my samsung j700i