Opera Mobile 10 Comes to Maemo

By | May 11, 2010

Opera Mobile 10 Comes to MaemoToday Opera Software has released a preview build of Opera Mobile 10 for Nokia N900 and N800/N810 devices.

Just like Opera Mini or Opera Mobile for Windows/Symbian platforms, it supports Opera Turbo, bookmarks synch, tabbed browsing, speed dial and many more.

Furthermore, Nokia users received a unique opportunity to play with the new JavaScript engine called Carakan and Vega rendering library, as they are now a part of Opera Mobile 10 web browser for Maemo.

There are also some known issues, be sure to check them before downloading.


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  1. Selurus says:

    This is the best news I’ve had all week and its not even the first time I’ve read about it. I just love this. Opera on N900. :)

  2. cousin333 says:

    It should be noted, that this version is an unofficial “hobby” work of some Swedish developer and not maintained by Opera. Maybe from now on…

    If someone has a phone for it: can you post SunSpider results for Opera Mobile and Firefox Mobile?

    • Rafael says:

      It is official, from Opera Software Swedish base.

      • Foo says:

        He probably based that comment on the link above.

        This Maemo version of Opera Mobile 10 was created as a hobby project by a small team of developers in their spare time. In total, about 6 man-weeks were spent on creating the release. It’s worth pointing out that this is not an officially-supported release.

        Can’t see any news on any changes to this. It would be nice if you could start linking to your sources when you come with your arguments.

    • nobody says:

      it was done as a sidekick project in ‘spare time’

      as i live and breathe with corporate air im pretty sure, that these guys ‘were asked’ to do it in their ‘spare time’. lets say, that this spare time is in the working hours.

      it is too big stunt to be accidental.

      but anyway, this is a good news, however webkit is a future for nokia i think

      • swen says:

        nobody, if your company forces you to do their work on your spare time maybe it is time to look for another job.

        i think Nokia should avoid webkit because AFAIK its performance will only decline as it matures.

        eventually FireFox will be much faster

        • nobody says:

          they not force me :), and i like work i do, it pays very well, so dont need to worry about me

          but story is, that the most probable scenario is that it was done as a regular project in normal working hours and then sold as a ‘on own initiative’. it is better for PR.

          why? because i cannot see opera letting ANYBODY taking their source code from the office. no serious software company will ever let that happen, no matter how much they trust their employees, because accidents happen and cost of such accident is enormous. svpn, remote desktops etc. are ok, but not OK enough.

          • Mancho says:

            Doing it in their own time doesn’t necessarily mean they took source code home. Some people spend their “spare” time at the office. Ever heard of Google? Might want to look that up.