Opera Mini Served 1 Billion Page Views per Day

By | July 30, 2010

Opera Mini Served 1 Billion Page Views per DayYesterday Opera Software has announced that on July 25, 2010, Opera Mini users have generated more than 1 billion page views.

Over the last few years, Opera Mini grew significantly, processing just about 100 million page views in June 2008, it now serves more than 910 million pages per day.

“Crossing one billion pages views in a day is further proof that people desire the best Internet experience, no matter where they live or what device they use.” said Jon von Tetzchner, the co-founder of Opera Software.


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  1. Tiago Sá says:

    Can someone please explain how they can sustain the brute amount of bandwidth required for their Opera Mini and Opera Turbo servers? They’re basically running the whole internet on their servers and they believe it’s a sustainable business model? How come?

    • nobody says:

      from what I remember Opera had very strong connections with Norwegian telco, most probably these business connections are present still today. backbone bandwidh is cheap when you can build the pipe yourself or multiply on existing hardware. fibers are dirt cheap nowadays. this, and some clever colocation and it isnt as expensive as it would seem to.
      aside from that i presume, that boatloads of money that normally go into marketing (and I mean boatloads..) go into these farms. some operators probably share some cost savings that opera mini generates for them (3g/4g data is still expensive in many countries and sold to users at a loss).
      anyway, yes, it is a very very risky business model, because it seems to ignore that mobile web is going to be only cheaper, faster and richer. and a mobile browser that cant even reply to this post will be seen as something ‘so nineties’ very very soon.

      • Andylee says:

        Opera Software originated as a child company of the Norwegian telco, but they broke up in the very beginning.
        Opera still earns the money Mini users generate for them when using Google and other search engines. I think this is more than the bandwidth costs….
        Although I have to say that Opera really has the most expensive bandwidth available out there: they just basically rented a whole server farm on Iceland which is called the most modern worldwide, because it is all powered by renewable geothermal energy and stuff… so I cannot really answer how this is sustainable, but I really think THEY know very well ;-)

      • Rafael says:

        It’s an TinyMCE plugin issue, if you are using Opera Mobile / Mini in “mobile view” you can’t see the comment field..

        • nobody says:

          why EACH and every time something doesnt work in opera it is ‘it’s and TinyMCE plugin issue’.
          unfortunatelly most of the time it is BOLLOCKS. opera frequently does things in a different way than other browsers (who happen to behave very similar) and then expect that webdevelopers give a damn. note: both ways are ‘standard compliant’, but because w3c standards are of toilet quality, there is a room for interpretation. and opera almost ALWAYS takes the different path.
          there is a price for that to be paid. blaming others doesnt change a thing.