Opera Mini for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Approved

By | April 13, 2010 | 11 Comments

Opera Mini for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Approved
This is it; Apple has just approved Opera Mini, world’s most popular mobile web browser. It appears that company is not as evil as some people have thought.

Furthermore, you can download it at no cost.

Congratulations to Opera Software.

Visit App Store.

Thanks to Michael P├╝rmayr for the news tip.


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  1. Dels says:

    so it actually get approved, well let’s see how Opera Software gonna make Opera Mobile will go to iPhone next :D

  2. aavv says:

    congrats for the whining and childish company

  3. Somebody says:

    I think Opera ported Mini to the Iphone coz they found that it wouldn’t violate the Iphone’s rules. Opera Mobile on the other hand might violate it, so we won’t be seeing a version of Opera Mobile for Iphone anytime soon.

  4. Somebody says:

    Haha. It was approved today and it is already the number one free app on the Appstore. Says something about how much anticipation Opera has managed to build around the Opera Mini. Good job Opera.

  5. nvm says:


    Android kicks iPhone butt.

    • nobody says:

      if you cant afford iphone, than maybe.

      but if you can have both, in 9 out of 10 cases you are going to pick iphone

      the apps, the form, the collection of ‘little things’ make 3gs still unmatched experience.

      android now is too fragmented, lots of energy will be wasted to unite it again.

      • nvm says:

        Apple sued HTC because Android is kicking iPhone butt. Google is going to crush Apple. Mark my words.

        Fragmented? You tell me iTunes with its multiple iPhone models, iPods, and now iPoad, is not fragmented as well. LOL.

        Sorry dude, Apple is going down. Just like Firefox.

        WebKit rocks, though. Google will soon take over WebKit completely from Apple.

        • nobody says:

          you dont know what you are talking about

          iTunes works exactly the same for any and all iXXX devices

          coding for android requires choices, what version you are going to support, effectively locking some users out, users that also ‘are using android’.

          but to know that you must know how android apps are developed, but given you know nothing about this at all, you are just barking

          ‘apple is goig down’? LOL. sell their stock then. oh no, you havent got their stock? poor man.

          • Somebody says:

            Well a few features of OS 3.0 dont work in the 1st gen Iphones and Ipod Touch. And when the next OS update 4.0 is released, more features will not be supported in the 1st and 2nd generation Iphone and Ipods. So he has a point there, although the fragmentation is nowhere near the level in Android.

  6. Moses says:

    I want opera

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