Opera Mini for iPhone Demo Video

By | February 21, 2010


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  1. Crackerflack says:

    That’s fake. It’s Opera Mini 4, not the one they showed off at MWC.

  2. pneumatyka says:

    I’m not sure is it fake or not. But since its about 9 months old, it could be indeed real alpha version.

    I was hoping on actual mini for iphone demo. This one is really old.

  3. bingo007 says:

    slow.opera mini on my SE w395 is incredibly fast with gprs and edge.

  4. Idan says:

    I do not understand the owner of this website.

    The video above is clearly of Opera Mini 4 alpha. The very first version of Opera Mini for the iphone, TWO YEARS AGO.

    The Opera Mini version for the iPhone is clearly stated as Opera Mini 5 beta 2. and given that Opera Software now uses a unified UI framework (meaning Opera Mini and Mobile look the same) – HOW CAN THIS VIDEO HAVE ANY RELEVANCE?

    You sir, are just as bad as the person who run 9to5Mac who does ZERO RESEARCH before publishing articles!
    Are you trying to just get people to visit your website?

    This is pathetic.

  5. Ycb_24 says: