Opera Mini, February Server Upgrade

By | February 6, 2008

Opera Mini 4Opera Mini team has released one more server upgrade for its popular mobile phone web browser. It’s good to see that Opera 9.5 rendering engine is being integrated (more or less) into other Opera’s products like Opera Mobile (announced yesterday) and now, Opera Mini. There is also one more great future, which was is now available, it’s “opera:config”. Here’s a complete list of changes:

  • Added a simple UI to the server-side preferences that exists. Go to ‘opera:config‘ to configure some settings.
  • Tweaked phonenumber detection, there should be somewhat fewer false positives now, but you can now also disable the feature on the opera:config page.
  • Increased the default timeouts to 40 seconds from 20.
  • Updated to a HTML rendering engine to be similar to the latest Opera 9.5 weekly release.
  • Fixed support for entering hostnames starting with a number (eg, 360.yahoo.com) as a URL without the starting http://
  • Made content folds visible even when the background is black.
  • Fixed inter-page links ().
  • Fixed clipping rectangle for iframes with hidden overflow css properties, this bug caused some links inside some iframes to be unclickable.
  • Fixed HTTP basic auth for pages with non-7bit authentication realm.
  • Pages with nested tags are now somewhat easier to navigate, it’s now possible to follow both the inner and the outer link.
  • New WML stylesheet.
  • Various optimizations resulting in the average transcoding time to be 20% lower.
  • And yes, you don’t have to download anything.
    Haven’t tried Opera Mini yet? Visit Opera Mini home page.

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    1. Stanley says:

      Pls i need a opera mini server setting that will work free on my phone in nigeria at kaduna state.I have been trying 2 get dis setting for a very long time,i don’t know if u can really help me.Please any information mail me on my email

    2. mabdul says:

      opera mini server software is not avaible. you are only able to connect to the server with the free opera mini java-based client.