Opera Mini 5 Beta for Android

By | March 11, 2010

Opera Mini 5 Beta for Android

Today Opera Software has released the very first beta of Opera Mini 5 web browser for Android platform.

Just like all the latest Opera Mobile/Mini versions, it is packed with fresh user interface that includes speed dial. Some of the other great features are: password manager and data synch (Opera Link).

You may download it via Opera.com as well as Android market.

Thanks to Daniel Hendrycks for news tip.


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  1. EricHilton says:


  2. nobody says:

    tested in on my g1 and droids, first start up was amazingly long on both machines and it uses quite a lot of space (on g1 you can install apps only in 76mb so each mb counts)

    its ok, my main gripe is that font smoothing probably isnt turned on and text looks much worse than on competing browsers.

    another gripe is that it cannot be closed-and-restored (ie. there is no ‘exit’ button) – Steel uses that and it works perfect there. pressing home button only hides it, application is still running in the background (batery life will not be great..)

    properly closing opera mini requires pressing back several times, exactly like in flawed default ‘browser’.

    it is fast, yes, and is nice, that something non-webkit came to android, but Steel is still a product better suited for touchscreen android phones in my opinion. and it can handle my bank, contrary to opera mini :/

    • mabdul says:

      hey, its a beta, wait for the final. Finally not a comment by you that is only against opera ;)

      • nobody says:

        i think that recent opera moves make ‘its beta, wait for the final’ a bit pointless im afraid..

        these beta and final codes lost their meaning they previously had and it is hard to base any quality assumptions on them

        it applies to almost all software, not only opera unfortunately :/

        anyway, ive just noticed – opera mini handles downloads quite well, that is definately a plus over other browsers on android