Opera Mini 4.1 Update Released (4.1.11355)

By | May 22, 2008

Opera Mini 4.1 Update ReleasedOpera Mini team just released a minor update for Opera Mini 4.1. They’ve reported that this release fixes BlackBerry and Palm related mobile phones issues. As for everyone else, you don’t have to update it, unless you want to.

Fixed Bugs:

BlackBerry devices should now be able to only use Wi-Fi (also at installation).
BlackBerry users can try BIS. We can’t guarantee that it’s working, but it works on one of our two different service providers.
Palm devices now get better memory handling, which means that they should get more images. This is a huge improvement over the last build, and hopefully it will be similar to the beta, in the eyes of Palm users.
A user told us about a bug while adding bookmarks. Most of you have probably not seen it due to the strange reproduction path, but it’s fixed. Thanks to some guy using Yahoo mail in Argentina – you probably know who you are!

PS: For Palm users, we recommend these settings in prefs:
Use Double Buffering – on
Use high resolution coordinates – on
Set Memory Maximum: 1Mb
Set Maximum Java Thread Stack Size: 32kb

Opera Mini Home Page

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