Opera Mini 4 (Beta) Review and First Impressions

By | June 19, 2007

First thing that I’ve noticed right after passed tests (less than in previous version) and accepted terms was a bit changed interface.

Once I’ve opened my first web page(Google.com), noticed that Opera Mini doesn’t show me Google logo, even I have checked to load images. I am sure this will be fixed soon or I just have to change some settings, asking Opera team…

Opera Mini 4 Beta Screenshot

Another nice thing is … a mouse! So far overall reating besides one bug (it’s a beta!) is really great. Nice smooth scrolling, “X marks the spot” feature which knows where you want to read :-) Power scrolling, new zoom features and much more. Some people complained that this versons hangs up a lot, maybe it’s due their phone, as I am using Siemens SXG75 and have no problems with this Opera Mini 4 Beta beauty.

It’s another browsing revolution in mobile phones world.

Love it. Keep up a good work.

Update: when viewing Favorite Browser web page with “Fit to width” unchecked, some text goes out of the it’s place. And continues to show up not in the white, but in the grey menu background.

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  1. Ramunas says:

    New beta is really nice, been using it all morning. It even handles images heavy sites with hi-res images turned on without any hassle.

    BTW: You’re Lithuanian too? :)

  2. Hey,

    Yep, Lithuanian.

    Sveikas ;-)

  3. Opera Mini 4 says:

    Writing With Opera Mini Right Now. Seems There Is A Bug As All My Words First Letters Are Uppercase, Even In The Bottom It Shows Lowercase Ones..