Opera Mini 4 Beta 2, Mini Review

By | September 10, 2007

Although it’s not a final Opera Mini 4 version we can still make a short review about it.

Opera Mini 4 Beta 2 Loading Screen

Start page was changed a bit, now you can change default search engine if you don’t like Yahoo, also add anything else, IMDb, Wikipedia, etc. This is a nice upgrade as many people complained due the fact, that they just can’t change default search engine.

Start Page

Another great thing in this Opera Mini 4 build is “Font size” and “Landscape mode”. I really enjoy those new features, although I have to flip my phone a lot when using “Landscape mode”.

Start Page

Since most of you already know how good this version is, here are the things which I didn’t like.

When I want to change address while surfing, this screen appears

Opera Mini 4 Beta 2 Address

I don’t know why they have decided that “Current address” should be in the top of the list, I actually haven’t ever used this function whole week while I was trying Opera Mini 4 Beta 2. Mostly I use “Previous addresses” function so I can quickly access my most visited web pages. Also, no idea why “OK” is in the bottom, it’s another function which I use a lot, so why put it in the bottom? It should be something like: “Previous addresses”, “OK”, “Clear” (never used) and “Current address”.
In Opera Mini 4 Beta 2 I still can’t see few images while surfing, small ones appears only when I zoom page, while others doesn’t load at all.

Opera Mini 4 Beta 2 Pictures

Opera Mini 4 Beta 2 Pictures

Another problem which I’ve noticed was symbols. No idea why but I can’t see some of them, instead of that Opera Mini 4 shows me something like []. As far as I remember, Opera Mini 4 Beta had no problems displaying various characters.

Opera Mini 4 Beta 2 Pictures

And this error (exists in Opera Mini 4 Beta as well).

Opera Mini 4 Beta 2 Error


Despite some problems and/or annoyances, I really like Opera Mini 4 Beta 2. It’s an enjoyable way to surf the internet using your mobile phone. However, while I am not able to see images, I will stick with Opera Mini 3.

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  1. kriko says:

    I don’t have “Current adress” entry at all. Maybe it is phone-dependant feature, not opera mini thing. My action list in “enter adress” is:
    2.Previous addresses