Opera For Android Updated

By | January 24, 2014

Opera For Android UpdatedMakes browsing less annoying.

Good news for all you Opera users out there, Norwegian browser maker has recently released a new version of Opera for Android, which brings some useful fixes. Oh, and there is one new feature too, allowing you to delete an entry in history view by long pressing on an item.

Here’s a full list:

– No more missing images

– Two-column layout history view is now fixed, and will not blank out when removing an item from a big list
– Scroll position is now remembered in tablet history view
– Expanded history items will now be remembered per tab

Speed Dial
– Speed Dial screen will now scroll up every time you open the Tab Bar
– Speed Dial items now show up properly in omnibar suggestions.

Opera for Android

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  1. Brandon Heat says:

    i cant find a way to add something to bookmarks… oh wait … there are no bookmakrs… i guess thats why im using UC browser

    • Rafael Luik says:

      When I’m visiting a page I want to bookmark I can tap the plus button in the address bar to add it to my Speed Dial. Not hard…

      • Brandon Heat says:

        i prefer a context menu list of my bookmarks, not a thumbnail gallery

        also check out the newest sleipnir browser, them developers trying to reinvent tab management, same idea as yours

        • Rafael Luik says:

          same idea as yours


          I’ve tried it not long ago… It’s really feature-rich as far as I remember it but using the Android WebView holds them back (see for example). I don’t know, I just don’t feel the need to leave Opera and supporting Opera Software is good as they’re more closely related to web standards and inventing new features first, deserving the merit.

    • Everything goes the Speed Dial way now.

  2. Mohan says:

    The discover is great, too bad my favorite browser on Android (Firefox) does not have it.