Opera Dragonfly. The Next Big Thing?

By | February 26, 2008

Opera DragonflyDavid Storey from Opera team recently blogged about something called “Opera Dragonfly”. While no one knows what it is, Opera team keeps teasing everyone (like they always do). Here’s a quote from David Storey blog post:

So what exactly is Opera Dragonfly? I won’t say quite yet, but I do think that, in my opinion, it is the most important project we have on going at the moment, and probably since I’ve been at the company. It won’t directly affect everybody, but will hopefully become invaluable for those that it does. We’ll likely have more to say about it at SxSW in Austin Texas.

I’m pretty excited about Opera Dragonfly and can’t wait to hear more about this project in the future. Here are a few guesses by various people:

Offline apps,
Web developer tools,
Opera’s Firebug
Opera OS

Dragonfly means so many meanings that I’m really confused right now. What’s your guess?

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  1. TLZ says:

    My mind flies to Developer Tools that Opera seem to have been developing for quite some time now. Also the resemblence between Firebug and Dragonfly is a hint, although maybe too obvious. It also fits the description.

    I’d love to use my favorite browser when debuggin sites so if this is the case I very much welcome it. The same Dragonfly-picture where on a picture of an Opera employee. Considering that he is Chif Web Opener(or something like that), that makes sense. (He needs to help people make their sites work better in Opera and more standard-compliant in generall.)

  2. Balder says:

    From the source code of Opera Dragonfly website there are some addational info. Anyway the name of “author” tag is a long dead US guy that is known for bulding a brigde binding together two completly different places…

  3. Mancho says:

    interesting comment in dragonfly page source: “…it surged forth with speed and grace, devouring all before it. The landscape left behind it was perfect, calm, free of defect. Such a gift with powers unfortold…”