Opera Buys FastMail

By | April 30, 2010 | 7 Comments

Opera Buys FastMailToday, Opera Software has announced the acquisition of Aussie email provider FastMail.FM for an undisclosed amount of money.

According to company press release statement, this move will help Opera to expand its current messaging product portfolio and deliver cross-platform messaging to a wide range of devices, including computers, mobile phones, TVs and gaming consoles.

“The newest generation of Web users will discover the Web through a mobile device. Having world-class messaging capability alongside a rich and compelling Web experience is essential. By combining forces, Opera and FastMail.fm can offer messaging on any device. This will enhance the value Opera provides to consumers, while assisting our operator partners in reducing customer churn,” said Rolf Assev, Chief Strategy Officer at Opera Software.


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  • nvm

    But why?

    Gmail gives you great service and more disk space than you will ever need.

    • http://my.opera.com/DanielHendrycks/ Daniel Hendrycks

      It is a long term thing, I think.

      • Ichann

        Because Opera likes throwing money around.

        • http://my.opera.com/DanielHendrycks/ Daniel Hendrycks

          Or they are being strategic.

        • nvm

          Opera has been extremely careful about spending money on acquisitions. Anyone who claims that Opera likes throwing money around is clearly delusional.

  • Geek

    Gmail mines your email data and not everybody is ok with that

  • Dels

    this is not something about their mail, this something about messaging capability on Opera (desktop, mini, mobile) browser, maybe they buy it to improve Unite service or Opera Link…