Opera Browser For Android Is Here

By | March 5, 2013

Opera Browser For Android Is HereWith Opera Turbo rebranded as “Off-Road Mode”.

It looks like Opera Ice was simply a codename, as Norwegian browser maker has just announced the availability of its WebKit based web browser for Android. So how is it called? Opera Browser (Beta).

As we have seen in previous official and unofficial videos, Opera with WebKit brings a new take on the user interface, news reader, download manager and a private browsing mode (you know, for buying gifts).

However, with all that said the most important thing is web sites compatibility. It will be a like breath of fresh air, especially for the most loyal Opera users who have been using their web browsers for many years.

And if you are up for the (usual) promo video where you can’t understand half of the words, here it is:

The iOS version is yet to be announced but it’s a great start.

Opera Browser

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  1. x says:

    Tabs? I want tabs! Where are Tabs?

  2. Cqoicebordel says:

    Again, it’s not Opera Ice. It’s the new version of Opera Mobile.
    And Off-Road is not Turbo rebranded, it’s Opera Mini included into the Mobile version.

  3. vineeth kumar says:

    will there be a webkit version for the desktop ? please answer

  4. Mika Takala says:

    Again Mr. Vygantas, you seem to ignore all posts that inform you about Opera Ice. That is a completely different project for some gesture-driven mobile browser. It never was and will not be Opera Mobile nor will it replace Opera Mobile.

  5. hasanmohammady37@yhoo.com says: