Opera API Geolocation Support

By | March 29, 2009

Opera has released the first build with geolocation API support that can be used such as in maps and web applications.

You can download windows build here (no need to install).
And the SVCsetup application, so it can work on XP.

Here is a demo used to try it out.

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  1. Foo says:

    Some problems:
    There’s no way to see what degree of accuracy is requested.
    “Ok”, “Cancel” just sounds like your average Windows pop-up dialog.
    There’s no way to change the degree of accuracy?

    The mock-ups by Aza are much nicer (both posts are from May last year):

    More information, for those interested:
    Geolocation API Specification @W3c
    Using geolocation @MDC
    Geolocation API documentation with Gears extensions

  2. marv says:


    Gee, you think? This build from Opera isn’t even a regular Opera build, just a rough tech demo.

  3. Foo says:


    Which means that you can’t leave critique/tips, why? Still, I would expect them to come up with something better than simple “Ok” and “Cancel” buttons, even for a “rough tech demo”.