Opera Announces Opera Max For Android

By | December 17, 2013

Opera Announces Opera Max For AndroidIf you live in the US, have an Android phone and want to save more data then you are up for a new and pretty awesome app by Opera called Opera Max.

What is Opera Max?

Think of it as Opera Turbo (data compression service) v2, which now not only compresses browser but also any other data requests that are sent throughout your phone. Still doesn’t make any sense? Just take a look at the picture and everything should become pretty clear:

Opera Announces Opera Max For Android

Yes, you can now save bandwidth while browsing Instagram or checking for new Vines. We are actually super excited about this, finally, something fresh and new.

Feeling the same way? Check out the official blog post for beta access details.

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  1. webtax says:

    ahh there was another app that did this, but can’t recall it’s name

  2. MeHRaN says:

    You live in USA, and care about bandwidth!?
    Living in a country that is 171th in internet speed ranking, we don’t do that anymore!