Opera 9.70 and Presto 2.3.0

By | May 25, 2009 | 11 Comments

Surfing across the web I came over the User Agent Database web site which basically lists many of the user agent strings from all over the internet.

As you might guess from the name of this article, there are Opera 9.7 and Presto 2.3 strings:

Opera 9.70 and Presto 2.3.0

Some other details from the same page:

Opera/9.70 (X11; Linux x86_64; U; en) Presto/2.3.0

  • First seen 2009-01-14 17:24
  • Last seen 2009-04-23 12:31
  • 11 total Hits
  • 1 Hit this month
  • 11 Hits this year
  • 0 Hits last year

It looks like Opera Software was/is indeed developing Opera 9.7 which could’ve been released before Opera 10 Final. It also contains Opera 9.70 and Presto 2.2.0 strings as well.

Despite the fact that Opera 9.7 was last seen on April, 2009, could they still secretly develop a last branch of Opera 9 series? That remains a mystery.


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  • foobar

    or probably is was a mobile version.. no ?

  • http://www.favbrowser.com Vygantas Lipskas

    As far as I know, Opera Mobile 9.7 uses Presto 2.2 engine.

  • The-Doc

    11 total hits. 9 from Norway. You are maybe right. They’re preparing a 9.70 version ? :)

  • Dan

    I think Carakan will be in Presto 2.4 though, many say Carakan will be featured in Opera 10.5 at the earliest.

  • http://my.opera.com/IceArdor IceArdor

    This site is becoming the new Operawatch–you do all the sniffing across the web that Opera doesn’t want you to know about and tell us two days before the product comes out. Thanks for the sneak peak. I’m guessing it’s a mobile version, someone spoofing a useragent, or an internal version that they didn’t upgrade the useragent string on yet.

    • Daniel Hendrycks

      This is not turning into OperaWatch. Lately there have been some good articles on Opera though.

      • http://my.opera.com/BleedingHeart/blog/ BleedingHeart

        Maybe not, but it’s the best we’ve got since Opera Watch first became an Opera puppet and later/now a pile of re-hashed (although useful) tips/tricks.

        9.7 is possible we haven’t seen the first 10 beta yet and 9.64 isn’t bug free.

  • Maulkin

    Yeah it’s really easy to spoof ID, so it’s a possibility.

  • http://my.opera.com/BleedingHeart/blog/ BleedingHeart

    We have also hit another issue no other browser has run into (yet!). By reaching the version number 10 we have noticed several high-profile sites and frameworks breaking because of wrong browser sniffing. Opera 10 gets (erroneously!) detected as… Opera 1. We have modified the UA string to read

    Opera/9.80 (X11; Linux i686; U; en) Presto/2.2.15 Version/10.00 – Opera Desktop Team.

    By starting off at 9.8 I guess they are leaving room for something inbetween.

  • lucideer

    They’ve recently released details of the Presto 2.3 engine on their site: http://www.opera.com/docs/specs/presto23/

    Notable inclusions: CSS3 transitions and border-radius (the first browser with non-vendor-specific support afaik)

    I wonder when it will be released…

  • pheudo

    Maybe only a gogi versione with the new rendere engine…